June 23rd 2018-Newquay Zoo

Why is it when the sun is shining it seems to make everything so much better? Well for me does anyway. Was out the door before lunch and that rarely happens on a Saturday. But it was to good to do nothing so we decided to go to Newquay Zoo. Now living in Cornwall there isn’t loads to do with children that doesn’t cost a fortune other than going to every beach around which is lovely but when the weather is so beautiful as it was today everyone seems to go there and today we wanted to do something different.IMG_2926[1]

We have been to Newquay Zoo before now it’s not overly big but it has enough animals there for Lily anyway. Josh was out with his friends and the zoo really isn’t for him. Something that he has never really like. Anyway luckily for us we had a voucher to get in so didn’t have to pay this time. As soon as you walk in it has all the feeding times and what’s going on. We weren’t to fussed about that so just started looking around at the animals. We came across a fishing cat and Lily was delighted because I think it is normally hiding when we come. So it’s the first time she saw it and in Lily’s words ‘It is so cute’

One of her favourite things to do is the Tarzan trail. It’s just a little climbing area to take you to some more animals but she loves it.  She went on it twice. I also think it’s good to break up the constant run of animals as it can get too much for little ones sometimes.

Now I’m not a big fan of seeing big animals ‘behind bars’ especially when there isn’t a big space but I know there is reason for them being there. I’m talking about the Lions there are 2 females and 1 male. I think they are ‘retired lions’ so they are there for a good enough reason and they are one of Lily’s fav. We didn’t get to see the feeding times this time but we didn’t miss out.

Most of the animals were out today which was nice, the monkeys are another fav of Lily’s so we stood around watching them for a while and they did get fed but not with a talk this time. We made our way around to the farm animals. Lily likes to go in with the goats but they were not playing game today. I think it was too hot for them as they were just lying down. However, it made up for it after as when we walked out they had just started an animal encounter with a snake. It was nice learning about the snake a bit more and Lily got to touch it (I was happy to take the photo) The lady was very kind and made it more easy for Lily to do.IMG_2940[1]

We completely forgot about going into the tropical house. Lily Just wanted to go on the Tarzan trail again and get her face painted as a fox. By the time we did that looked at the other small monkeys and the turtles; which were my fav it was time to go back to the car. IMG_2907[1]

Lily really enjoyed her day and so did I. It may be small but there was enough there for us to see.

June 16th-18th ’18- Ed Sheeran

Can’t believe this weekend has finally come around. Not only because it is the weekend and we are off to London but because we are going to see Ed Sheeran. I have been waiting years to see him and now I can with my kids and mum as well who absolutely love him, especially Lily. She made me play his Divide album in the car over and over again. People hate coming in the car with us.

So we were lucky enough that my sister lives up in London so we didn’t have to pay for accommodation. Unfortunately she lives and hour away from Wembley but it’s fine the train/underground is easy enough.

When we got to Wembley I could not believe how big it was inside it was amazing. We had quite good seats as well, we had to sit because we had Lily but that was fine. I was under the impression that we were right at the back but we weren’t so that was lucky. we got food and drink as well before we sat down and planned toilet breaks when we knew it wouldn’t be so busy (yes these are important when you have a 6 yr old with a very weak bladder)

Excited Kiddies
Jamie Lawson and Anne-Marie were on before and they were really good. I would go see Anne Marie at her own concert she was Lily’s fav I think because she knew the majority of her songs. Josh enjoyed her too. Then it was time for the main man himself I felt like a teenager again cheering and clapping he started off with Lilys favourite song Castle on the hill so she was up dancing and singing and me being the embarrassing mum was obviously joining in.

I was in awe the whole way through the concert I am still amazed at the talent he has. Delivering that whole concert by himself is mind-blowing. I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my time but nothing compares to him. He gets the crowd involved, uses the whole stage, sings all his songs and plays his music all by himself. No one else to support him or giving him encouragement just him and the crowd.  You don’t see anyone like that nowadays I would go and see him again and recommend it to everyone.

I have loved Ed Sheeran from the beginning so I knew all his songs. I think it got a bit too much for Lily as she didn’t know all his old songs. She has listened to that one album and knows where each song is. She refers to them as song 6 etc. She was  also very tired but she still sang along when she knew and held my phone up at the slow songs.

I was quite sad when it was over as I could listen to him all night. Joshua seemed to enjoy it too as he was singing along, got up to danced and joined in but I don’t want to embarrass him so we shall leave it there. We had the long journey back after that and I think it took an hour to get back to station (it is literally 2 mins away) but it was so busy. Lily was gone by this point couldn’t carry on she was so tired. Luckily there was a lovely security guard who was talking to, keeping her occupied while we were waiting.

Anyway we got back just after 12 so not too bad still had all the songs in my head wishing I could see him again. Yes I am like an obsessive teenager when I talk about Ed Sheeran because he is just amazing 🙂




May 28th ’18- Trerice, Cornwall

What a beautiful bank holiday Monday. We were suppose to have storms and rain but it was gorgeous sunshine. It is also half term so had to plan something with the kids. I say kids but Josh doesn’t really count as he does his own thing. I would love for him to come out with us but it’s more trouble than it’s worth. I know he is happy and having a good time with his mates. So that just leaves me and the little madam, who like to keep me busy.



So, first day of half term and we decided to go somewhere we have never been before. Trerice house, it’s a national trust house and gardens in Newquay, Cornwall. We have got a voucher with loads of free places we can go throughout the year. We thought we would try here as we have never been. My mum came with us too as she has the week off as well.

Well, it is a stunning place to go. the first thing we did was look around the house. The tour guides (that’s what I’ll call them) were all dressed as Tudors. They were lovely, told you things about the rooms and we even got to play games from the Tudor time and dress up in the armour they used to wear. It was so heavy, I don’t know how the ever managed it. Lily loved trying it all on and the man there was lovely telling us about it all and helping her. It was all very grand inside and then it led you down to the shop. Lovely little shop but didn’t buy anything.

When we went outside we walked over to another part of the house and OMG it was brilliant. They had Tudor clothes that we could all try on. Lily’s eyes lit up when the people dressed her (yes, they dressed us) she was so happy in her dress. Me and my mum dressed up too, I don’t normally but thought it would be fun and it was. The clothes were actually handmade from the people who were dressing us. It was amazing. they had so many layers on though back then and we were boiling.  But we managed to have some photos taken of us which me and my mum found hilarious but lily was in her element and was a perfect little model. The man who took the photos (on my phone) was so nice and telling us the best positions to sit and how they used to stand/sit in the Tudor times. Lily didn’t want to take the dress off.

We had a laugh!
My Tudor Girl

She did eventually and then we went out to part of the garden area and had some lunch. They did have a café there but we chose to bring a picnic. I’m glad we did because the weather was sunning couldn’t ask for better weather and they had more Tudor garden games to play. It was so much fun and so relaxing as it wasn’t overly busy. After we finished our games, ate our lunch and oh yea climbed some trees we headed off down to even more gardens. This time there was a maze and even more stunning views. They even had a little library/bookshop there where you can give a pound a get a book. They were quite old books but if you like reading it’s pretty good.

We then came back to what we thought was the beginning but we were wrong. We continued to walk into more gardens, with even more games. This time it was bowling and of course we all had a go. there was also a bit of shade which was nice as the sun was boiling. We then walked back to the front of the house and it looks magnificent. It is such a  beautiful place to go.

Beautiful gardens
I know this is quite a long post (sorry) but it was such a lovely day out. I don’t think Josh would have enjoyed it but Lily, myself and my mum loved it. I also don’t think they have the Tudor stuff on all the time but I know they do have things on for kids/family’s the majority of the time so it’s worth checking out. Also even if they haven’t it’s still a nice day out for the family. Will definitely be going again.




May 25th ’18- Living a healthy lifestyle

This week was the last time I had to ever have to go to college, the last time I will ever see my wonderful but moody students. My year of being a full-time student is over. I thought this would be the best year of my life but it hasn’t been. The one thing that has been amazing is being there for my kids. However, I have become lazy, tired and not feeling very good about myself. I mean don’t get me wrong I am so proud of myself and what I have achieved, I mean I can teach in a college, that’s crazy. Just haven’t looked after myself and my body that well.

But this is all going to change and it’s time to get my backside in gear. It was confirmed by the nurse this week that I have put on a stone in weight. Can’t believe it. I mean I’m not big, but I feel it and I’m not happy with the way I look, I’m also tired all the time. So now I have 2 months off with the kids being at school so I need to do some more exercise (and look for a job) and to eat more healthy. Im not going to join the gym or go to any slimming group because basically I can’t afford it and I know what I need to do to get healthy and loose some weight.

I’ve started quite well this week. Cutting down on certain foods, eating more fruit and eating smaller meals. I tend to eat ‘man size’ meals. I have also introduced more veg into my kids meals. Now they are the fussiest kids ever so it is so hard to eat healthy with them but I made Bolognese this week with a homemade sauce and blended lots of veg in the sauce and they didn’t even know. It’s Lily more than Josh but they both loved it.  Also I am trying so hard to drink as that is one of my downfalls but I am trying. I brought one of those big water bottles that  I’m trying to get through each day.

My hidden veg sauce!!


Since the weather has been getting better me and lily have been going out after tea for a walk or bike ride. She has really enjoyed that as well. We have also being doing some exercises at home. She has been showing me some kids exercises on you tube and I have started off with some easy ones (not the kids ones lol) . After the half term I will be doing more exercise routines when she is at school for longer as well  but I am very  unfit so got to start slow I think. (that’s my excuse anyway) But we do plan to do lots of activities to keep us busy during the half term.

Lovely Bike ride in the Woods

Now I know it’s not about what you look like but for me it’s how I feel. I don’t feel good in myself and i’m not happy with the way I look so I need to do something about it.

My exercise buddy!

22nd May ’18- I did it!!

It may have been the hardest year of my life in a long time, I may have had many sleepless nights (especially within the last week) but yesterday was the hand in day of my last assignment and I could have not been even more ready for it. I felt so relieved that it was all completed.

I thought when decided to study again at the age of 32 it wouldn’t be that hard. I did my Foundation Degree 5 yrs ago, working and being a single mum and it was fine (I say fine because it wasn’t easy) I really enjoyed it. I don’t know if it was because it was connected to what I love which is Childcare and Education but it was so much easier than they one I did recently.

I thought that becoming a Teacher within FE would be just as easy. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I hated it. The only thing I did enjoy was the teaching. Teaching the subject I love. The course work was nothing like I expected. I did not find any of it helpful or even anything relating to what I do. I know that may sound a bit crazy because it’s obviously things you need to know to become a FE teacher but I felt I learnt so much more from my actual mentor (teacher) in my specialism subject than I did actually going to lessons. I don’t know how I got through actually writing my assignments because I had no idea what I was writing about half the time.

Many people, actually most of the people on my course have not enjoyed it and do not even want to go into teaching it has been that bad. We had our two teachers leave and got told one thing by someone and another by someone else. It was ridiculous I wonder where my £7500 went.

But never the less it’s done and hopefully I would have passed my last one and can teach Childcare and Education. The struggle I have at the moment is being a full-time single mum so as much as I would love to go straight into it, it is something that will have to take a back seat for the time being because the job is full on. But one day when my kids are a little bit older hopefully it will happen. For the meantime I need to go job hunting!! Scary times!!

My treat for handing in my last assignment!!

May 5th ’18- Camel Creek Adventure Park

Lily has been begging me to go here for ages. She calls it Crealy because that is what it was used to be called. We eventually went I had free tickets so I didn’t mind to much and the weather was quite nice. I thought as it was the bank holiday weekend it would be busy but it wasn’t. It was so quiet. Which was very unusually but when we went in I could see why.

It isn’t the biggest of places and some of the things are a bit dated. But half of it was closed off. I think because they removing those bits. Lily was gutted as she was looking forward to going on the water slides and log. These are one of the best things there I think. I have no idea why they are removing them but it is very disappointing.

Lily went on all the other rides but I think she is getting a bit big for them as she didn’t enjoy them as much as she normally does. The roller coaster there isn’t much of a rollercoaster and it is so outdated. It just needs a good boost. They have this new 5D ride but Lily wasn’t allowed on the simulator bit as she was to small! Like really she has been on the tower of terror at Disney think that is a bit more extreme than this one. She sat down in the non- moving chairs and still watched it but didn’t think much of her. Neither did I if I’m being honest with, probably would if we were moving.

There are lots of climbing frames and slides which  was ok and she enjoyed the water balloon area but again it’s something we could do at home.

The only good thing about today was the animals. Lily loved them. She fell in love with a pony called Candy.

Lily’s love Candy
She was hoping to ride them but again that was another thing they don’t do anymore. However,  there was a lovely lady who let Lily brush one of the other horses.

Brushing Polo
I can’t fault the staff enough it’s just a shame about the facilities there. I don’t think we will be going back anytime soon.


Lily did a little vlog of all the cute animals she saw so she could remember them all especially candy.


May ’18 already- School life

How quick is this year going. Please slow down. I want to enjoy my time with my kids while they are young. Does anyone else feel like time goes by so quickly? I have learned this year to make the most of them. That’s why I make stupid videos with my daughter on YouTube because it’s what she wants to do and we have such a laugh together. I have asked Josh to join in  but he is not having any of it.

My daughter has had a really good week this week at school I am so proud of her. We have had issues with her in the past ( nothing too bad and the teachers have been on it and so have I) but this week she seems to be a different person. She got star builder in her Lego club and a to top it off a certificate at the end of the week to show what a great friend she has been lately and been listening hard to others. I am so proud of her. she seems to be excelling. WooHoo.

Josh had is Mock results this week. I really struggle not to be negative because Josh is such an intelligent boy. I’m  not just saying that because he is my son but because he has always done well at school. Now his result’s were not great but these were his first exams and he has a whole years until his proper exams. He got an equivalent ( because the grading system has all changed now) to a B in maths which is bloody amazing and just under a C in English and C in one of his science ( he is doing triple science so has 3 exams) This is really good I know and praised him up for this and I am really proud of him but these were his best ones his others were not as good.

It really annoys me because Josh doesn’t do well under pressure (exam conditions) All throughout his school life he has done really well. He just gets it. Why can’t we in this day in age get results from the work they have been doing in the lesson thorughout the years. This way students abilities would show. I have been to Josh’s parents evening and they all show me how well he is doing. I don’t believe these exams are showing his full potential. I may seem a bit biased as he is my son and I want him to do well. But when you have teachers telling you and showing you his work and his grades don’t match that. It is very frustrating and I don’t blame Josh as he can only do what he can do and that is give it all he has. I truly believe they need to sort it out now as it de-motivates students.

So Bloody proud of these 2