March 10th ’18- Gardening day

6:30am wake up call this morning WTF it is a Saturday Lily. She didn’t even go to bed till 9:30pm. I tried to say it was still night-time but she wasn’t having any of it, she went back into her room and did some reading for like 5 mins then that what is I couldn’t stay in bed anymore. My bedroom is on a main bus road so she could hear all of them which didn’t help. So much for our lay in hey.                                                                              Cornish weather blessed us this morn just to top the start of the weekend off. However I did manage to get boring mum things done around the house before heading out.
We didn’t have a lot planned today I had to get Lily’s passport photos done as hers has run out and we are planning a big family holiday near the end of the year (only I could decide to go on holiday when both kids passports run out! GRR)
We then went to get a few more things for our garden. This time as Lily was with me so she thought she would push our limits with our planting. After picking up our strawberries (finally) she thought we would by some basil, lettuce, flowers and oh  watermelons. I mean why not because we have space for all this in our garden and i am apparently an expert at gardening. ( I doubt it will grow but you have to act positive as she was so pleased with herself)
So that is what we did, we were in the garden; the sun was out by then. Lily was delighted she loved putting her gloves on planting all the different seeds we had, we had to label them all and put them all in our greenhouse. She is definitely the green fingers in our house. I just hope something grows for her. We have a good range now so something should happen. I’ve spent enough money on it so I would like something back.
The afternoon actually turned out really nice, Poppy (the rabbit) was even out in the garden having a whale of a time playing with the washing hanging down. She is such a cutie; as Lily calls her lately. She is always coming up to us for a cuddle, she even let Lily give her a kiss. You wouldn’t think it was actually Lily’s rabbit normally.

Oh and yes I must mention my other child the one I never see he stayed at his friends last night, sent me a msg saying he was going to be out all day but will pop in for money about 12 (his not mine) which he did and took my last can of coke max in which he did say he would buy me a new one later. I told him he’d better but I was joking. Didn’t see him then until 830 and yes he did bring me a bottle of coke. Although I hardly see him he is a good kid really.

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