March 11th ’18- Mothers day

Woke up with Lily next to me again saying ‘Happy Mother’s day’ and giving me a hug before jumping out of bed to get me my Presents. My mum took her shopping in the week and she chose something for me. I got a lovely little mug with teddy, chocolate orange and a candle. She also made me a card at school.

Moters day Presents
She is a thoughtful little one and I am very lucky that I have my mum to take her out and do that for me.
No relaxing for me though on mother’s day Joshua had rugby which was about 40 mins away so we were up and ready to go out the door for 10. My mum came along with us to, she does come to away matches sometimes. We got her some flowers and a card for mother’s day. We are going out for a meal next Sunday as my sister will be down  and Josh has no away match either.  So got to rugby and yes it starts to rain and become very windy which was freezing. Lily was ok as she was running around like a loon Lol near the end of the match I did have to go back to the car as it was too cold. I didn’t miss anything though as they had to stop the match due to an injury luckily Joshua  has never had any injuries (not yet anyway).
Our mothers day meal was mdconalds at the end of rugby which actually tasted really nice as I had signature collection meal I mean you can’t really go wrong with a McDonald’s. Kids were delighted anyway and that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Josh had a burger, chips, milkshake, nuggets and he ate Lily’s chips aswell don’t know where he puts it all.

Our day was pretty chilled after that, me and Lily did some colouring and watched a film, Josh had his friends around in his room so didn’t really see him although it was nice as he is normally out and at least I know where he was. He normally goes around his friend’s house and I never see him.
So that is what mothers day was like  for me, just like any other day being on your own, you have to do it all and don’t get time a lie in or get breakfast in bed. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I live for my kids and they are the ones that keep me going. Also Lily kept saying ‘you get extra hugs as its mothers day.’ What more could I want.
Heres to mums, stepmums, single mums the not mums yet, the should be mums and those without mums and not forgetting the dads that do it all. We all rock!!


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