March 7th ’18- Child free day

Today is my child free Wednesday. The one day that back in September I had every intention of doing all the house work and some of my uni work. Well that never happens! Today was no different went straight to do the food shop after I dropped lily off.  My go to shop is Lidl at the moment, it has most things I need and get loads of shopping and I love finding new things each week all for a reasonable price.
So yea, pretty boring hey and quite normal except when I come out of Lidl and the I see some strawberries not just strawberries to eat but ones to grow yourself. Well  something things to clicks in my head and think ‘actually I’m going to give them ago’. But couldn’t be bother to go back in (just pure laziness really) Well, worst thing I could have done.  Instead of going back in and spending £3 on a tray of strawberries I think ‘ill actually go to B and M’ I mean they are full of plants and strawberries to grow because B and M is the perfect garden store. So go into B and M with all good intentions on getting things to grow (mainly strawberries) within the garden and just over £30 later no strawberries! I mean everything but strawberries how the hell does that happen.  At least I got a little green house to grow all these things in. Adamant to get these strawberries without going back to Lidl I must add because that is the obvious and cheapest place to go. I pop to B and Q (even though this was next to pets at home which I popped into before hand) and thought they would have loads nope but ended up coming out with a gigantic pot in the sale and potatoes!!! Like who goes to B and Q and buys potatoes. Obviously me and my genius idea. Anyway still no bloody strawberries so had to pop in Poundland obviously as it was next door. Again spending money on Easter stuff that I did not intend to get! Why do I do this? Why does random crap just pop into your head and then you have to follow them through when there Is no need to. I don’t understand the mind sometimes.

Lily loved it anyway when she got home and had a whale of a time. Planting potatoes and sunflower seeds and carrots.  God knows what they are all going to turn out like especially in Cornwall where all it does is rain, rain and oh more rain. Only time will tell and I will get those bloody strawberries
On a plus side to my stupid spending lily had an amazing parents evening which makes me so proud of how she is growing into a confident, smart young girl.

I even one a cheeky little competition too!! Woohoo!!

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