March 13th ’18- Oh The Joys of Kids

Yes, its official I hate kids. Well, for today I do anyway. My students were treated to a conference on outside play which was put together from some other students at the College. They had guest speakers in tea, coffee and cake what more could you ask for? Surely better than being stuck in a classroom all morn. Well , my students were so ungrateful.  I had one student who was on her phone the majority of her time. I mean how rude is that. This conference was so relevant to what they are learning as they want to become childcare practitioners. It actually made me want to go back and work with the younger children again. On top of this student on her phone blatantly ignoring the whole thing the student next to her was looking at the same phone with her and they were having a little conversation between each other. It was so rude of them and they have no respect for the students that put this together or the other professionals that were actually talking about their ideas about outdoor play.

I was sat next to another student, I honestly have no idea how I kept my cool with her. She was there huffing and puffing all the way through it. She didn’t get up when we had a break for some fresh air or cake, tea etc. she just sat there. So the start of the second half she was huffing and puffing just as much and by 12 she said to me ‘ I can’t sit here for another hr I’ve got to get up’  this was just as someone was about to talk. the only thing I could say to her was in my calm and collective voice was  ‘don’t be silly you only have half an hr left’  oh did she huff some more. She then put her head down on the floor like a sulky 2 yr old as well as sulking in her chair. I can’t believe them. Me and my mentor were so embarrassed by them. They were just so rude and had no respect. These are 16-19 yr olds, you would think they would know better. There was supposed to be 11 of them and in the end only 5 turned up which was not good enough anyway.

I just don’t understand it,  when I was their age I was working in childcare and a conference like that would have given me the motivation to think how I could do things in my setting. I was so angry with them, so was my mentor. I decided at that point I no longer wanted to teach teenagers as I hated their attitudes.

If that wasn’t bad enough I had the joys of my own daughter my 6-year-old. As you can see here she looks like butter wouldn’t melt.IMG_E0320[1]

Playing lovely; by herself I must add in the garden pretending to be a teacher.  She came inside and asked me to spell something out which I did 3 times and then she said she could do it herself. Then out of no where she shouted at me (because she spelt something wrong) apparently it was my fault, apparently I said something. it was like she was a different girl. She was shouting, screaming and giving me the most disgusting look. So, I just walked away and she shouted even louder so of course she went on time out as she nudged me going up the stairs. Few minutes later I went to see her; I can’t believe how calm I was over the situation. She still had a face like thunder and asked her if she was ready to talk but no so I left her for a few more minutes until she was ready. Finally she had calmed down. we spoke and was all ok. But that was a hard hour I would say. I  am dreading what she will be like as a teenager if she is like this now!

So yea, today has not been a good day when it comes to kids. I think I’m going to change carer. lol.



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