March 14th ’18- Bad Day

Should have known from the moment in woke up it was going to be a bad day. Took forever to go to sleep last night again. So inevitably I couldn’t/didn’t get out of bed until 7:15am half and hour after my alarm.

Went out to see poppy as it was raining and her cover had come off.  No big deal I hear you say, well you would be wrong as she thought she would get out her hutch and run around the garden. So there was me 7:30am in the morn, in the pouring rain chasing this bloody rabbit around the garden. She loved it, me not so much.

After the school run I sorted my menu out for the week. Highlight of my week that is, I love planning meals. Different ones at that, my kids love me for it aha. Anyway off to Lidl I go, checked I had everything trolley token included in that (yes, I have a trolley token as I never have change on me) All parked up and got out the car (bearing in mind it is still pouring with rain and extremely windy at this point)  I couldn’t find the trolley token could I? I specifically put it in my other pocket so I wouldn’t lose it. Did not realise it had a hole in. I couldn’t believe it, I got back in the car and I could have cried. All I wanted to do was do the shopping and go home. Looked everywhere but nowhere to be seen. I was so angry with myself, I was bloody organised for once and it still didn’t go to plan. Had to drive home, luckily Lily had a pound coin I could borrow. This time I put it where I could see it.

Finally got into the shop but had now forgotten/dropped the menu somewhere and left my phone in the car so had to remember what I needed. Luckily I did this time but as I forgot my phone missed something off of Joshua’s food list for cooking tomorrow. Oh well I can sort something out for that.

I could not believe my luck today. Then I had to park like 3 streets away as I can’t park outside my house more than half an hour!!! AAAAAAAAH

My day went pretty much the same then dropped a glass in Josh’s room, it smashed of course. The weather was horrendous at school run and I forgot to get electric so had to go out again with Lily this time.

Why does life have to test us at times? Why can’t things be simple? I know it would be boring but really with the simple things in life just please.

One good thing from today was this delicious Blueberry doughnut from Lidl. It was simply perfect and so needed.IMG_0335[1]

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