March 15th ’18- Grandparents

Grandparents- The good, The bad and The ugly.  I never really had grandparents around growing up as being in Germany it was quite far and expensive to visit. My dads mum died I think before I was born so never met her and his dad (my granddad) died when I was young so, never really knew her. My Mum doesn’t speak to her mum. I have met her once I think and then when I returned back to the UK with Josh she saw me in Tesco          ( I didn’t realise it was her) and told her family that I was rude and ignored her. I didn’t see her or even know what she looked like as I think the last time I saw her I was like 9. So, as you can imagine I don’t speak to her as I don’t know her. Then there was my Mum’s dad my granddad. Knew him the most and the best. He visited once or twice when we was in Germany and when me and Josh moved back we used to visit him often and he would also tell Josh to take a Chocolate with him every time he left. Josh used to love it. He unfortunately died when Lily was a baby. He did get to meet her though and Lily always remembers from a photo.

Then there is my Parents who are amazing Grandparents to my Children, I would be lost without them. They spoil them rotten, care for them , look after them whenever I ask I wouldn’t manage without them I am very lucky and so are my kids.

So when I had kids I knew my parents would be brilliant grandparents. What I didn’t expect was for them to only have 1 set. Both my Children’s dads parents don’t see them.

I truly believe Joshua’s Grandparents would love to see him and would love to get to know him. Part of it was probably my fault being 17 and hurt by his dad cheating and not being there I probably pushed them out which I wish I didn’t for Josh. I feel when my kids are younger I have attachment issues (story for another day) so found it hard at the time. I will never forget one day being in tears because my dad made me give Josh to them so they could take him for a walk. I was so angry because he was my son but now I wish they had given a bit more fight. I am also aware that they didn’t want to upset their own son. (Josh’s dad) I am sorry for the way I was then. Now Joshua doesn’t want to meet them. They always send birthday and Christmas, Easter presents anything like that and don’t hold back.

Then we have Lily’s grandparents.  When her dad got with someone new (literally as soon or even when we were together) I went over to there house with Lily and gave them my number (mobile and home) and told them whenever they want to see Lily then call me. It will be 3 yrs on June 1st and they have not contacted or seen her since. Lily’s dad hardly sees her so he doesn’t have time to take her to see them. I don’t understand it. What is wrong with people now a days? It’s like they don’t want to upset their own son. He is 40 yrs old this year I don’t understand it? They make me so angry because they had the opportunity to watch Lily grow and they chose not to. I saw Lily’s granddad this morning and he ignored me.  I just laughed but it makes me so sad for lily. They send Christmas and birthday but I don’t think it means anything, think they do it to look good. It was a big step for me to give them my number and tell them they can see Lily anytime and it feels like they threw it back in my face.

I am so lucky I have my parents, they watch my kids grow and spend quality time with them. Its just a shame that there are some Grandparents that are missing out by there own fault sometimes. I just don’t understand what is wrong with people sometimes. Kids aren’t young forever and I know that my kids will understand when they are older but right now its very sad for them.

This photo was 6 yrs ago. My Grandad, Mum and Dad, me and baby Lily. Josh was taking the photo.

Grandparents- 6 yrs ago


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