March 16th ’18- Pamper night

Lily had science week at school and today I got to pick her up early and see what she made. She was delighted she made a star-gazer and then we got to make one together. I’m lucky that I am able to go because I am aware that a lot of parents work. I’ve always been lucky in the sense that even when I was working I was able to swap hours or make up them on another day.

Earlier in the day I popped into Superdrug to pick up somethings for pamper night. I knew Joshua was staying at a mates house so thought we would have a girly night.  Well, can anyone just pop into Superdrug and get what they need? Not me that’s for sure. I picked up some treats (that were on offer I must add) Lily loves the Superdrug socks pack so I stocked up on those as they were 3 for 2. She also likes a face mask so I got the

Superdrug Deals
Superdrug ones this time as she wasn’t to keen on the Garnier one, I’m guessing because they are made for adults. So, we went for these ones and again these were on offer 3 for 2 (bonus) We actually used the chocolate orange one, not the one shown in the picture and it was absolutely amazing. It smelt like chocolate orange and it did what it said on the packet and felt so warm (which Lily liked).  I can not wait to try the other ones. I also picked up some Barry M mermaid nails to top it off. I could have honestly picked all the colours up in that but I was rushing as I left all my shopping at the till. I did pick up other things for Lily’s hair as well so spent more than I wanted but so worth it. I also popped into Peacocks a picked up some wicked unicorn pyjamas £5 in the sale.


We decided on watching Paddington 2 as well because obviously it came out today and we couldn’t watch anything else as it is the best thing ever and it was, it was amazing, so funny. We had a really nice evening actually Lily couldn’t stop laughing and I think she ate all the chocolates and left non for me lol. She normally goes to bed usual time on a Friday as she used to have gymnastics but now she has finished she can stay up a little later and she got dazzling homework at school so was an extra treat for that.

face mask twins

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