March 17th ’18- Baking

One day where we can do what we like and when we like. Routine goes out the window, times for lie-in’s and lazing around right? No, any parent knows that doesn’t happen, although our Saturday morning was quite slow. Lily woke at 8 so we got up and I had loads of house work in the morn to do so Lily played on her own (which rarely happens) Josh went our as usual.

Our afternoon was still quite chilled actually (never happens) although the weather wasn’t great so didn’t mind too much. I baked this delicious golden syrup cake.

Golden Syrup Cake

It was a simple recipe from Pinterest (isn’t that the best place for everything?) I could have put some more syrup in it really. I love baking at the moment and finding different things to make, I’m just not always great at knowing my oven temperature and how long to cook things for but this one was so simple and turned out great.


My sister had come down from London so her and my mum popped over. Lily was delighted to see her although a little sad as she started to make a coaster out of Hama beads but didn’t finish it in time (she was going to see her tomorrow.) She got over it when she had some cake. It was nearly all gone by the evening. Can you guess who ate most of  it? lol

Yummy cake



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