March 18th ’18- Holiday Struggles

Today is Sunday and we all (mum, dad, sister, Lily and Josh) went to Truro for lunch and to look at holidays as we are all going on a big family holiday in October. My other sister and her fam are coming too. So it’s going to be a big one. We went to a travel agents and I could not believe the price. I don’t honestly think I am going to afford it. I have to pay for me and my kids. I’m worrying now I can’t, doesn’t matter how hard I save. My parents are ok obviously because they both work and have savings, my Sister is a nurse, my other sisters husband is in the army and quite high up so money isn’t an option for them.

Then there is me, on my own with my kids. I also need to find a job when I finish Uni. If I don’t then I am screwed even more. I’m kind of putting on a front at the mo and say I don’t know how much I can afford and saying it will be ok. But I honestly don’t know if I will have any money (enough for a holiday anyway) It’s so hard being a single parent at times. I get no help financially from their dads so I do it all. School uniforms, passports, clubs, everything and anything. When I actually think I can save a bit something always comes up.

I want more than anything to take my kids away, when I was younger we used to go away every year. These are things you don’t really think about when you become a single parent. I want my kids to experience these things like I did. I’m just trying to figure out how I can.

It’s not like we are looking to go anywhere to extravagant. We were looking at places like Benidorm, Ibiza places like that. We want to go for the heat and pool more than anything. The travel agents was looking at Rhodes which looked beautiful but a bit more than expensive than I would like. It’s the bloody flights more than anything. I just want to cry sometimes.

I’m sure it will sort itself out somehow but right now I have no idea what I’m going to do.

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