March 19th ’18- Snow Day Rant

We all get a bit excited over snow don’t we? Of course we do as we hardly every get it, especially in Cornwall.

This year was the first time my daughter has even seen it and she is 6. She was over the moon. When ‘the beast from the east’ came it made her day 2 days to be exact. By the Friday it was all gone and back to reality.

Then we had some again today but not enough for the schools to close or anything like that. It was not harm full at all. Well you would think not anyway. I understand that parents need to know about the school’s opening but the night before their were parents on the school Facebook page asking ‘What’s happening tomorrow’ ‘is the school opening’ Like how the hell do schools know in the evening. They can’t determine how the weather is going to be. Luckily our lovely school site manager said he would update at 6:30am in the morning. Bearing in mind he has his own family to think of as well.

So the morning comes around and he said there would be more of an update at 7:15am so he could check the grounds out. Fair enough I mean the snow wasn’t that bad. My son’s secondary school was open. A lot of other schools were opening late or closed (no reason really) Well, the amount of parents that were moaning saying ‘it was unsafe’ ‘a lot of the other schools are closing’ ‘might as well close’ ‘I’m not risking it’ was in real.

I used to live in Germany and it snowed nearly every year. We never stopped, we carried on. I remember one year riding my bike with Josh in the way to nursery. I have also driven on my own with Josh in a snow storm that happened one year traveling to Germany. I was fine. Yes, they are slightly more prepared than the UK but this was hardly any snow and it was all gone by 12.

The school then decided to open at 10:30am when it was less ‘icy.’ Again the amount of parents complaining ‘I’m not bringing mine in’ ‘I’m not risking it’ was ridiculous. The school know what is safe, the have their own Health and Safety rules. All of the teachers could come in and half of them live further a field. It makes me so angry how these parents were going on at the school. Why should they close? The majority of these parents as well don’t work and could easily walk. Saying it’s not safe? I’m sure they would let their children play out in it though id they didn’t go to school and its about showing them how to be safe in this weather. As a result at the end of the day the poor site manager said he could no longer be admin on the Facebook page. I’m guessing it has something to do with people going on at him and him getting the raw deal.

I wasn’t the only one who thought this I spoke to another parent and she was just as annoyed as me. I’m angry of parents behaviour more than anything. The school knows what is best at the end of the day and why can’t parents just let them make them decide and leave them to it? They shouldn’t be pressured into anything.

Lily and Poppy had fun going in late anyway.


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