March 20th ’18- Thinking Positive

After having no motivation with my Uni work I had to find some as I was being observed by someone today. Not from my tutor as they have both left but from a random lady I knew nothing about or who she was. So you can imagine I wasn’t feeling very positive about it all. But I had everything planned anyway and ready for the longest hour of my life.

However, this lady was lovely. She was very friendly, not only did she observe me but she made me feel so comfortable (not like my own tutor who just sits there and says nothing) she was talking to my students and to me throughout the observation. After she went through it all and was so positive. I felt so at ease with her. She gave me things I could work which were really helpful and to top it off I PASSED. Woohoo.

I was so delighted and actually really pleased I had her. The only downside is that I will probably never see her again and have someone else for my last one. But I’m still thinking positive.

Still buzzing from my observation, I went off to Lidl (yes, my favourite shop at the mo) and only spent £50 on my shopping. I couldn’t believe it. I always pick up extras and spend about £75 normally. I was delighted.  The one thing I can’t do when I go to Lidl is not pick up anything from their bakery. It is just amazing and smeel delicious and today I obviously  had to get myself a treat for passing my observation.

The best Blueberry Doughnut ever

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