March 22nd-26th ’18- Feeling Lost

Well, what a manic few days. Due to the fact that I had my 4000 word assignment to do, RDP, Lesson plans all the stuff I should have done weeks or even months before. I just had enough and didn’t want to do it. The course itself is so boring and seems pointless but I enjoy the teaching. I was lost with it all but had to finish it and as always I did. If I  pass is another story.

The weekend was interesting, we had beautiful weather on the Sunday so I thought I would take Lily on a bike ride. I don’t really know many places to take her that is flat enough for her to ride but someone suggested Penrose down in Helston. So I took her down and it was lovely, lily loved riding her bike and exploring what was around. Then we came to a turning either left or right. We went right as we saw people come from there and there were houses the other way. BAD BAD idea, it was the muddiest and longest walk we ever had. We had tears, lots of mud and next to no bike riding in the end. Lily broke down in tears as she had her new shoes on and didn’t want them to get muddy. She didn’t have much choice there was no where dry to go. There was me pushing this bloody bike, with 2 coats hanging off it (as it was so hot) and trying to tell lily it’s ok we can wash them.  After about 5-10 mins of tears and lily shouting while a cute couple waked past us; bet they were thinking ‘we are never having kids’ lol, she calmed down then was a different girl. At this point we were lost and couldn’t turn back as we had gone to far and I couldn’t think of anything worse than going through that mud again.

We came to a field and I was like ‘yea we are nearly there now just around here’  no I was wrong. I kept saying to myself  ‘that can’t be right’ ‘she can’t do that’ we had been walking for like 1.5 hrs at this point (so glad I brought a bottle of water with me don’t normally. Luckily there was another couple and I asked them where to go. So, off we went feeling positive we were near the end. However it turned out we wasn’t, we ended up at a different car park (not the couples fault as they didn’t know where I parked, I just asked for the way back) Had no idea where we were. After 2 hrs walking I had to phone my parents up who live about 20 mins away. Luckily I was at a national trust place so I could tell them where I was. I had never heard of it and neither had they. Still don’t even know where we needed up.

Finally got back to the car, covered in mud, hungry (lily ate the only snack obviously) and tired. I was so proud of her though for walking so long. She did inform me though that we are never going there again.

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