March 27nd ’18- Spring Show

So, today was the day of Lily’s spring show. You didn’t have to do anything but for 50p you could choose 2 activities to do. Of course Lily wanted to do something. She loves doing anything creative.  She choose to do the rocky road and the Free craft where she could make whatever she wanted.

We started off with the Rocky road (well, fridge cake after I forgot the marshmallows) anyway. I made sure she measured it all herself, which she did obviously just checking with me to make sure. She then melted the chocolate in the microwave by herself, and mixed it all together. It was really hard for her to not lick the spoon like she normally does because the teachers were trying it. She was feeling very proud of herself, and put it in the fridge to set.

Fridege cake

While that was setting she got started with her free craft. She wanted to turn it into a #easterparty this was very simple to do but she really did put lots of thought into it. She used a Egg carton, Easter bits and bobs and used her own drawings. She even cut out tiny little carrots and Easter eggs for the Easter basket.


I did try and figure out how I was suppose to carry this all in the morning with everything else. oh well. She finally finished her #easterparty after adding a lot of little bits that weren’t glued or taped on and just looking to blow away in the mornings.


It was all good in the end. She finished her cake off with some white chocolate and it tasted amazing. She didn’t win anything but did get 2 chocolate eggs for them.  It actually amazed me at how many people didn’t participate. I know it’s not for everyone and some parents just don’t have the time, I was just surprised with the amount of children in the school.

Lily was happy with it all anyway.



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