March 29th ’18- The Joys of teenagers.

The joys of teenagers. Yes, we all know it well, we have all been one. The moodiness, late nights, drinking and eating as much crap as possible. I get it. the reality of having your own teenager yourself is scary, hard work and unreal at times. (Me, who finds it hard at times to think I have a 15 yr. old)

We all know what it is like to have a boyfriend/girlfriend as well. My son is no different. He has had a couple of girlfriends and we have spoken and bit about not to do anything silly and be careful with what every you do. I like to think he is quite sensible because he knows what he wants (not job yet) but knows he wants to go to unit etc. He  is a good kids but I also know that he is a 15 yr old lad with loads of hormones running through me. He is at that age where he will start to experiment. As much as I would like him not to he will eventually I know that. I was his age once.

This brings me onto the Facebook message I received from his girlfriends mum. I have met his girlfriend and she has been around to our house a few times. Never met her mum so I was mortified when she messaged me to say that she had love bites on her neck. Now, I didn’t even realise they still did this but obviously they do. I was even more angry about this as they did it at our house. Now, I have no idea how as I always check on them, quite a lot too. Her mum was really nice about it and didn’t mind too much just wanted her daughter to know that she can’t go around doing what she wants and wanted to inform me. Fair enough I find it harder with boys to know what they are up to. So, I spoke to him about it and he admitted it but said he hasn’t done anything else with her. I believe him and I know when he is lying to me. It’s so hard to know what is right and wrong because I was so angry at first, more so I think for myself for letting it happen at my house. But, they could have done it anywhere nothing is going to stop them.  She hasn’t been around since although she is allowed although not upstairs this time or door wide open. Me and my son have had a chat about it, a very long chat. But, I don’t know if it was right or if it went through to him. It is so hard and so scary as a parent what to say for the best because I know what it’s like to be that age.

Also being a single parent with no men for him to talk to about things like this is hard. No one gives you handbooks on raising teenagers, teenage boys in particular. If they do then please let me know.




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