April 2nd and 3rd ’18- Eden Project

So, the Monday my sister, kids and her husband came down. We haven’t seen them since Christmas, my brother-in-law for even longer. Over a year I think, he is in the army and was away.

So the first day they were here we went to the Eden Project. Me and Lily have been before and Josh (so, he didn’t go, obviously) And we love it here. My sister’s family have never been.

It was quite busy but that was to be expected as it was the Easter holidays. We were all ready to do the Easter hunt and went straight into the tent with all the activities. Lily was very excited the boys (that’s what we call them they are 13 yr. old twins) not so much. The queues were slightly long but Lily was willing to wait, Unfortunately they didn’t so we headed off and got some lunch. Lily wasn’t to disappointed as she was hungry anyway. We brought our own food but the food smelt so nice I wish I had enough money for it. But it was all good. We then headed to the Rainforest in one of the Biomes.

We love it because there is so much to see and do throughout and Lily loves the top with the water/steam and the beautiful waterfall. There is so much to learn on the way around and there were people talking but we didn’t stop to listen this time. It wasn’t as hot as it normally is so it was nice to actually stop and look at some of the things around us. It’s like you are actually in another part of the world. Its magical. Well that what me and Lily thought my sister’s family not so much. Have no idea why, it just wasn’t for them.

Headed over to the other Biome the Mediterranean one. We walked around and they actually enjoyed this one more, looking at the plants love to see how things grow. They had face painting going on there was a show it was full of things for the whole family.

It is just beautiful throughout. We then headed for an ice-cream and sat outside taking in all the plants and sculptures around us. We headed over to the Core but unfortunately that was closed. Lily was looking forward to that so we will have to go back again later in the year. My sister and her family wasn’t really enjoying it and I still can’t figure out why so we then headed to the Tractor/Bus to take us back to the top (we normally walk lol)

There is so much that we didn’t get to see I mean we were there for 3-4 hrs but we missed so much. We didn’t even get to look around where the giant Bee is or the plants around there. Although they didn’t enjoy it me and Lily did. Maybe there isn’t enough there for teenagers I’m not sure. I know one thing, you should go a visit just for the experience and me and Lily will definitely going back.

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