Easter weekend ’18- Family Fun

Schools out for all of us! Yay I have to admit we have had quite a chilled weekend well, as chilled as can be with a 6 years old. We started our Easter weekend egg painting.

This is something we have never done before and thought it would be quite easy! Ha who was I kidding. After getting the ink everywhere and the eggs not completely covered we made 6 eggs. Lily was very proud of them (although she hates eggs) she enjoyed it and that’s the main thing. Who knew decorating eggs would be so hard. I’m convinced we did them wrong but only realised that after we did them. We did read the instructions but I’m not convinced. It was a simple kit that I picked up in Lidl. Did the trick with lily still.

On the Saturday she wanted to do a Gelli Baff challenge, I saw it on twitter by zimpli kids who makes the Gelli baff and had to do it with Lily. It is right up her street. She had an amazing time. Great sensory play. Each egg she had to do something and in the end she got a small Smooshi Mushy or whatever they are called. It is so much fun, slightly messy but worth it in the end. She wanted it uploaded on twitter so we did. Go Check it out-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13eGCVvetuM&t=260s

Easter Day, they day the Easter bunny came and hid all the eggs around the house for Lily to find. (I do have another child believe it or not but he was at his mates) It started off by eggs and clues around the house followed by an egg hunt in the garden. She got spoilt, they both always do especially Josh from his Dad. Lily even wanted to Josh to do an egg hunt so she hid his around the house for when he got in. He was a good sport and joined in.

I then invited my parents over for a roast, think it is actually the first time I have ever cooked them a roast. Crazy I know, Lily made Easter cakes for pudding. It went down really well but I ran out of gravy and my dad could have done with a bigger portion I think. I’m not used to cooking for a man. lol But. overall it was good my first time cooking for them especially a roast and Josh even joined us for the afternoon so it was perfect.


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