April 4th ’18- Pothleven

There was no rain today again. We were expected loads of rain again down in Cornwall but luckily we haven’t had it so far. So we all (other than Josh) headed down to Porthleven today. Again it was new to my sister and her family. It was fairly busy actually and a little chilly but still a lovely beach to walk along.

We headed straight for the beach and the kids loved climbing all over the rocks.

Rock climbing
Lily tried so hard to catch up with the boys but she couldn’t, but was giving it a good try.  Porthleven is a small village but beautiful at the same time. The kids spent ages watching the waves and throwing stones into the sea.


There were so many dogs on the beach. Now I don’t mind too much (I’m not a great dog person) but they were not supposed to be on the beach as of Easter day. Do people not listen to signs and warnings now a days? On the other hand though who is stopping them? There is no one around fining them, I could have made a fortune there today.

wave watching

Anyway we walked along the lovely beach until we came across some steps that took us to the top. The tide was coming in so we were lucky to reach the stairs in time else we would have had to go back. When we were at the top we spent quite a while just looking down at the beach/ waves and the dogs playing in the water. My sisters boys love dogs. Lily was enjoying it to. It was so relaxing and takes your mind off everything.


We eventually walked back into the little village to grab an ice-cream. As we were at the top we walked past all the lovely houses. They are amazing. Some of them are holiday homes but the ones that weren’t well, I have no idea how they can afford them but they were amazing, to wake up to that view would make you feel alive.

I didn’t have an ice-cream as I’m not  really an ice-cream lover but the others did. It was also quite cold now and think the rain was coming in. Doesn’t stop the kids though hey.

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