April 5th ’18- Primark Shopping

SO, today the boys went go-karting (even Josh) which meant we had a girly day. Lily got to choose, I’m not sure why we left it up to 6 yr. old but we did and she is a typical girl and wanted to go clothes shopping.

Me, having no money was like ‘Ahhhh’ but my sister wanted to treat her to an outfit. Money is no option for her really. Lucky for some. I can’t wait for the day when I can just afford anything and everything whenever I want.

Anyway of course we had to head for Primark if you know Truro there isn’t really anywhere else that sells girls clothes. I mean there is Next but quite a bit too expensive for lily. LOL She is in her element in Primark. I love watching her. She is like ‘wow look at the’ ‘that looks nice’ She has her own basket as well so you can imagine how crazy she went.

Anyway 9 items later we headed to the changing rooms only to be told we can take 8 in.  Luckily she had already tried a jacket on so we left that out.  Lily is a little Diva honestly she loves trying the cloths on and does a range of ‘model’ moves I like to call them. She tried 1 pair of trousers on and said ‘These don’t look like this on the model’ ahah welcome to the real world my love. No, they were a bit big so we got a smaller size and they looked lovely on her. I think in the end she spent about £40 me on the other hand nothing. She definitely enjoyed her shopping day. She had some money left (not sure how) and she popped into the toy shop to get a squishy toy. Well, it was a waste of money because it broke near enough straight away. I brought some on Amazon for like £2 and they have lasted longer.

We didn’t spend that long there but Lily seemed to got loads. She did a little Primark haul on her youtube channel. Go check it out the link is on my home page.

To top it off Josh stayed at my parents all day with us and had tea. He really enjoyed his boys days, which is lovely for him because he doesn’t really have them other than with his mates. So it was a winning (but expensive) days all around.

My Little Diva


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