April 6th ’18-Roller Skating

Today is the last day my sister and her Fam are down. They want to leave a bit later so they decided to go to Roller skating. I think the plan was to make the boys tired for the journey home. They only live  3 hrs away so it’s not that bad really. Not, sure why they wanted to do that.

Anyway Lily was delighted, she has been waiting for this all week. She got roller skates for Christmas and loves it. She is really good. I’m quite good but lily doesn’t let me go fast lol. Josh didn’t want to go his remark was ‘yea, it was ok in years 7’ ok fair enough. He did well yesterday with us all day so I don’t mind.

I find it quite expensive going into places like this, I have a card that I think you get a pound off every time you go in and Lily is cheaper as she has her own skates. I shouldn’t be complaining really. Forget that it’s quite good because you can stay there for as long as you like.

Me and Lily was loving it.  My sister and her Fam not so much. 1 twin put the skates on and fell over straight away so he was out, didn’t want to try anymore. The other twin got on, tried, then went back and took them off. My sister didn’t even try. My brother-in-law was fine but I don’t think he had much choice and had to come off. So that was £30 wasted for them. Not that they really care as money isn’t an issue. My mum had a go anyway, she wasn’t great but she did it and went around a few times.

I just love the whole atmosphere in there. The music, the staff are amazing I’m not sure if it is a family run business but even the young lads that work there are friendly and they all seem to enjoy it. They sell food, play a range of music, got games there, they even do an alcoholic slush that I am yet to try. Lily had a kids slush lol.

Go Lily

My sister and her fam left after an hr maybe. The boys played some games then left. They were happy in the end and that’s the main thing. It was nice to see them and will probably be the summer next time. We might go up to theirs who knows?

We stayed for a good 3 hrs, lily could have stayed longer but I had to drop my mum home and had loads of food shopping to do as I had next to nothing at home. Nothing healthy anyway.

Having Fun

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