April 8th ’18- Rogue Theatre

If you go down in the woods to-day your sure of a big surprise….. Well we definitely were.

We went to the North cliffs of Tehidy woods today. It’s a great part of the wood for dog walking, climbing trees etc. What we didn’t realise was that Rogue Theatre were there. They put on amazing shows at different times of the years. We went at Halloween and all through the woods they had different things set up that children can look at and play with. It was amazing.

We went today and they had little things set up so we had a good look. We came across a witches home and lily tried the brooms and made me some witches brew. Lovely. What we didn’t know was that was where they told their stories.

Lily cam across a swing which she love. Rope swings are always fun right? Then we heard some. music so we started to walk through the woods a bit more. We then came to the end of the show. IT looked amazing. I really wish we actually got tickets to see it all. However, the woods is open to everyone so not sure how it works.

Anyway we came to at the end but lily still got a chocolate egg from the Easter bunny and had her face painted. She then made a wand or something out of ribbon and leaves. She loved it. They are so nice and it is an amazing thing they do.

The kind Witch Painted her face.

As we were leaving I think they had their next group come in because the witches home where we were before had members of the public in and 3 witches telling a story. We went over to watch it and it was  brilliant. Lily didn’t want to watch the others but loved the witches and their story. I highly recommend it to anyone with or without children. We will definitely be getting tickets next time to see the whole show. We both had a fab time

I met a lion in the woods…. not scary at all!!

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