April 9th’ 18- Mum friends

Now I don’t have many ‘mum’ friends. I mean not the ones you go out on play dates with. I’m not really sure why, not sure if it’s a confidence thing or the fact that I have always worked and not really met mums especially with kids Lily’s age.

I was a teenage mum so obviously not a lot of teenage mums when I was younger and especially in Germany. So, it was quite hard. I still had quite a few friends I went out with and Josh was never left out though.

Now is the only time I am actually feeling like my ‘mum’ friend network is growing. I don’t know if it is because I have more time now speaking to mums at the school, more birthday party’s. I don’t know what it is but I kinda like it. I like it more so for Lily  though aswell so she has someone her age to play with.

Today one of my ‘mum’ friends (who we went to the fair with) invited us to the park. The sun was shining and we had nothing else to do. It was actually really nice. We were there and a few other mums as well. Lily played with the other children, we packed a picnic and I had a good chat with adults. Adult conversation is pretty good at times. Especially when you don’t get a lot of it.

We were their for about 3 hours. Now if you know our park you will probably think ‘how the hell did they manage that’ but we did and it was lovely all around. I am definitely going to plan more days like that. Especially in the summer. It makes both me and Lily feel so much better and happier in ourselves.

I haven’t forgotten about Josh by the way but he is 15 now so it’s not the same. I get along with the rugby parents and chat with them when there is a match on but it’s a completely different chat and Josh has such a large network of friends it’s hard to know them all. However, it would be nice to have a close couple just so I can talk about teenage boy things as it is all new to me.

Riding her scooter to the park.

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