April 10th ’18- Comping

I had a quiet day today so I thought I would write a post on Comping. I know it’s a bit of weird one right? I honestly had no idea how big it was until I started it.

I have been doing it for just over a year now. I mean I’m not as hard-core as some people are but I do spend some time in the evening or when I am on Facebook/Twitter I have a look around. I have read that some people spend 3-4 hours doing it. I have no idea how they manage that but good for them. I do a bit more when I have a day off to myself (especially when I have a tone of cleaning to do! lol) but that’s it.

I have to say it is amazing how many competitions there are out there. Also knowing which ones are real or fake. Again I had no idea how many fake ones there were out there and no idea about spam emails. I have read loads of posts but mainly SuperluckyDi’s website. She has everything and anything you need to know about comping it’s pretty good if you want to go full on with it. I think she has a book as well which I am yet to purchase. But I do follower her and joined a group on Facebook. Just for clarity on things more than anything. I also go onto MSE and The Prize Finder to find competitions. Although you have to be careful with the Prize finder especially the first few as they tend to be spam.

I only enter ones that are online or magazines. I don’t tend to go and buy products with promotions on. I’m not sure why, I just think I forget a bit about them. I have entered a few Paid ITV ones etc but feel like they are a waste of money. Mainly because so many people enter and the odds are not as good as maybe some other ones who are less known.

Now I have entered thousands of competitions and I mean thousands and hardly win anything. But, the little wins I have won have given me that little boost to want to win more. I have won a lot of toys over the year which has been brilliant for Lily. Just before Christmas I won £350 worth of Disney Princess toys from Toys R Us. I couldn’t believe it. I never win anything big like that. I was delighted and of course so was Lily but she didn’t realise I had won them as they were for Christmas.

I would like to win a family holiday or something like that but I am very grateful for all the wins I have had and I will still enter them even if it is just for fun.

Here are some of my prizes over the year. Also check out our YouTube as we have have started to do Unboxing videos. It’s a thing too you know! lol

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