April 11th ’18- Paradise park and JungleBarn

Another busy day for us today. We were headed down to Paradise park in Hayle today. Lily loves it there. We met some friends, they hadn’t been before so it was nice for them as well. She had a boy aged 2 and a girl Lily’s age. They go to school together. She was delighted that someone else her age was going as it is normally just me and her.

Luckily we didn’t have to pay because I had some free tickets to get in. I’m not sure of the price actually. Both the girls ran straight off to find the animals. They were so excited. The little one was walking around aswell but obviously with us. They went to see the otters. I think they were hungry as they were standing up looking at the girls.

Paradise park is mainly birds. All different sorts. Lily isn’t too fussed about them as much as we tried to say ‘oh look at the colours’ both girls went ‘aww’ then ran off to the next. I’m not sure why they have all the birds’ there. I should have asked really, I’m sure it has something to do with them rescuing them or ensuring they don’t become extinct. I’m not entirely sure but I do feel sometimes the cages just aren’t big enough for some of them.

Anyway we made it to the penguins, now Lily loves the penguins being fed. Mainly because they choose children to feed them. Lily has done this many times before. She didn’t get chosen this time but her friend did and Lily luckily was fine about it. They both got to stroke the penguin after which they loved.

We then went to feed the little farm animals. You know the usual Goats, sheep etc. Again Lily was very confident in this and got stuck in. Her friend had never done it before so she was a little nervous but me and Lily showed her and she was confident in feeding them in no time. The 2-year-old was a little scared of the animals at this point so he had a snack in the buggy. The place is very clean and had places so you can wash your hands after. They also had some new donkeys which were so cute.

We then headed to the Junglebarn, an indoor play centre. I had a lush time, sat with a cuppa watching lily. My friend obviously had to run around with the 2 yr. old.  We were there just before lunch and it wasn’t that busy I was very surprised as it is the Easter holidays. Me and Lily had a pasty their too and it tasted so good. Very, Very Tasty. Oh also Lily was so excited as she went down the Demon drop (very large slide that I wouldn’t do).


We finished our day by doing a little egg hunt around the park, which obviously the kids were delighted with as they got a small bag of chocolate eggs. It was a lovely day out, we didn’t get to see some of the feeding of the animals or flying shows but we know we can pop down anytime again. Good day out.

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