April 12th, 13th ’18- Lazy days

Thursday and Friday together as we have ha quite a lazy 2 days. I don’t mind too much as we have had a busy Easter holiday really. However, the weather was quite nice so I do feel like I can’t stay in all day. Does anyone else feel like this when the weather is nice?

We decided to do some more baking as we have so much chocolate to use up. So me and lily made double chocolate brownies. They were delicious and so simple to make.

Double Chocolate Brownie

So, we also did the boring shop as I had no food in my house. (well I did but according to the kids I didn’t) I went to my fav shop which is.. yep you guessed it Lidl and to top it off they had all the German food in. I was delighted as it reminds me of Germany. I was quite good though didn’t go over board but did pick up a few yummy things such as Currywurst (german sausage and currysauce) and Rosti. Can’t wait to have them this week. Sad how excited I get over food.

We then went home in the garden and let Poppy out to have a run. She loves it in the garden, she has her run which she is out in all day (weather permitting) but when we are outside and can keep an eye on her we let her run around the garden. She is so funny, she is like a cat at time playing with the washing hanging down. I am trying so make a bigger run for her but the weather hasn’t been great to do it yet. Hopefully soon so she has more space to run around in. I can’t leave her in the garden as the cats will chase her or she will jump up onto the wall (which is really high by the way) but she is a monkey at times. It’s funny How you worry about your pets just as much as your kids sometimes isn’t it.

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