April 14th and 15th ’18- Portreath beach.

Can’t believe its the last weekend of the Easter holidays. I think I have got used to not having to work and enjoying the days out with Lily. We have been quite lucky with the weather actually and we have been fairly busy for us, it has been great and so much fun.

The sun was glorious on Saturday so me and Lily thought we would head to our local beach. Lily got all dresses up in her summer clothes; looking rather grown up I must say and we headed off.

Well, we was not prepared at all as it was freezing at the beach. Luckily I had a cardigan in the car for Lily. I kept saying to her it’s ok it will be warmer at the beach and you can run around.it wasn’t it was just as cold. I mean it wasn’t unbearable, it was just so windy. I couldn’t believe it. Anyway Lily was happy to play a little hiding the rock game and then paddling in the sea.  I didn’t I’m not as brave as she was. The waves were amazing, there is just something so satisfying about watching waves.

It was very busy, I think everyone else thought it was just as warm like us.

Wave watching

Finished our day off as you do at the beach with a standard Cornish Ice-cream. Although it was cold it turned out a lovely afternoon there.

Bit windy

On the Sunday it was little bit wet, so we stayed home. However when we stay home we are not like many families I’m sure of that, please tell me if I’m wrong.  But, we made an edible slime  video for YouTube. Well, I say we, Lily mainly but I helped, lets just say it wasn’t as easy as it is made out to be. It was great fun, very messy and kept her busy anyway. Go check it out it’s quite funny. (link in Bio).

Also does anyone else’s rabbit just enjoy sitting out in the rain all the time?

What rain?



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