April 17th ’18- Superhero Day

Second day back, can’t be any worse than the day before. Lily had Superhero day at school today, she was delighted. She choose to be Wonder Woman like because there is no better Woman superhero than her right? I used to watch her all the time when I was younger and act it out. We did a little flashback and looked it up on YouTube. Brought back so many memories.

Wonder Woman to the rescue

I always find superhero’s are directed and boys though. I mean there is now more and more girls Superhero girls with the actual DC superhero girls. Lily loves watching it on the dvd she has but I don’t see it being promoted as much as boy superhero’s, which you would think with the world we live in today we would. They had a ‘special guest’  coming in a Lily actually said to me ‘I bet it’s Spider-Man, it’s always a boy one’ She was right, it was could they not get Super-girl in? I mean wherever you go it’s Spider-Man mostly. I kept telling Lily ‘but just remember Wonder woman is just as strong and as fast as Spider-Man’ She had seen her on YouTube and completely agreed.

She had a great day anyway which was the main thing. They were supposed to do a superhero assault course but unfortunately it was raining so they had to wait. Now they have ‘Dazzle homework’ all on superhero’s but not just cartoon ones but actually real superhero’s. One of her friends is cutting her hair (she has very long hair) and donating it and raising money for it Lily said ‘She is a real superhero’ So I’m glad she knows the importance of a real superhero.

Josh was never really into superhero’s he was a WWE fan. Still watches wrestlemania every year. Josh has actually been in all week so far I can’t believe it. Me and Lily are used to him not being here so it is really nice to sit down and have tea altogether and talk about our day. I love it. No phones, No TV just us talking best part of the day for me.

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