April 18th ’18- Glittery Crunch Cake

Child free day today. You know when you have so many things planned but it never happens. Yep that was me. I spent half the morning trying to figure out software for editing videos/movies. All because my daughter loves YouTube and we do stupid challenges for fun. Crazy I know. But anyway downloaded one on my computer only to be told I can’t use it as I have no memory. So I removed, Saved things elsewhere still wouldn’t work. I gave up after an hour then used Josh’s. His is slightly older now and a bit slow. But found Movie maker and it was amazing and so quick. I was delighted. All that time I wasted and I could have used that straight way.

Anyway sorted that, popped into town to pick up some bit. Picked up so much nice stuff from The works. I posted a picture on my Instagram. I could have spent so much more but I didn’t at that time.

Before I knew it, it was time to get Lily. The weather was so nice out, rather windy but still warm. We played outside on the trampoline for a bit (I was a ballet teacher) and poppy had a good run in the garden. We then made a glittery crunch cake.

We made it for YouTube because Lily loves helping me when baking and she wanted to do something herself. Kids in the kitchen is great and so much fun for them. She started off with a really simple recipe and did it all herself. She was so proud of herself when it was done. The video actually looks really good. You should check it out. It is such and easy and tasty recipe. You don’t have to use pink sprinkles you can use anything but Lily did a princess theme so it worked well for her. Can’t wait to try new recipes every week.

Glittery Crunch Cake

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