April 21st & 22nd ’18-Porthleven Food Festival

Weather was gorgeous on Saturday. We had rugby in the morning at 9. I say we Joshua but obviously me and Lily took him and showed our support just like we always do when he has a match. Although it was early and on a Saturday, it wasn’t too bad. It was the last match of the season and they Won! WooHoo. Normally it’s freezing cold and wet. Not impressed but I always go. Today was lovely though sun shining, although breezy and it was a good match. Very intense.

Rugby Life

We got home about Lunch time and although he weather was lovely I had planned to go to the skip (exciting I know) but my garden needed it. Lily didn’t mind and Josh went out. I can’t wait to sort the garden out properly. I want to try to make Poppy (the rabbit) a big run that can stay in one place. I’m not sure how yet though! Also I need to find a place for Lily’s Gymnastics bar. I have no idea how as my garden isn’t that big and it has a massive trampoline in it as well. You see I don’t think about these things when I buy all the stuff for it.


On Sunday it was a little cloudier but nothing was going to stop us from going to the Porthleven Food festival. Me and Lily went with my mum. We normally go to the Big Feastival in the Cotswold but couldn’t afford it last year and we like a food festival. Well we never knew it was that big, I mean people camp out, loads of food stalls obviously and plenty for the children to do. I mean it’s not over big and I thought they would have a bit more, especially down towards the beach but it was enough. I had a lovely chicken wrap, sounds boring but tasted delicious. My mum had some ribs, chips and coleslaw which again tasted amazing. Things just cost quite a bit don’t they at these festivals? Although my mum had loads for what she paid.

We managed to look around the tents and taste a some free food. Couldn’t try any alcohol as I was driving. Lots of little entertainment around which was nice and they had some little things for the kids to do. Lily had a go with a hula hoop, bouncy castle and some swing thing. They also did some crafts which Lily loved. She painted a Mermaid.

We finished off by Lily having a unicorn painted on her face. She was delighted. She didn’t want to go in the morning as she was feeling tired but she loved it and glad she went. It was such a lovely atmosphere and the weather held out as well.

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