April 23-29th ’18- Baking and Squishies

Lily did some amazing baking again this week. This time it was some delicious ‘ Magic Wishing wand’ or cake pops as they are normally called. She wanted to do this for her YouTube channel. They actually tasted really nice and they were so simple to make. I love baking and I am so glad that she is into it as well.

Magic Wishing Wands

We also had our annual fair in our town celebrating Richards Trevithick. Now I am not a great lover of these things mainly because they are so expensive, over crowded and it’s the same thing every year. I know I sound really boring and should be excited and join in the festivities but no I don’t like it. But, being a single mum I had to do the mum duty and take Lily down to it. Josh went with his mates so that wasn’t a problem, I gave him some money to spend as well.

We wasn’t there that long, luckily for me. We went to the fair which was ridiculously priced. Me and lily went on 1 ride together and it was £5. She didn’t go on a lot after that but she was happy. I think she is t that age now where she is too big for some of the small rides but too small for the bigger ones. So it is hard. Time she played ‘hook a duck’ went into the fun house and bought a slush which was £6 by the way we had next to no money left. She won 2 Squishies and brought 2 more. Now I know squishies are the in thing with kids at the moment but I don’t; again moaning about money why they are so expensive. Lily brought 2 for £5 which isn’t that bad but they are cheaper on amazon and they break so quickly and get so dirty because they squeeze them so much. I have to say they are really relaxing and I don’t mind them really it’s just the price. But lily was happy and wasn’t interested in seeing anything else so we went home and had fun in the garden.

Squishies everywhere


We were actually really lucky that it was a beautiful sunny day else we would have stayed home!!

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