May 5th ’18- Camel Creek Adventure Park

Lily has been begging me to go here for ages. She calls it Crealy because that is what it was used to be called. We eventually went I had free tickets so I didn’t mind to much and the weather was quite nice. I thought as it was the bank holiday weekend it would be busy but it wasn’t. It was so quiet. Which was very unusually but when we went in I could see why.

It isn’t the biggest of places and some of the things are a bit dated. But half of it was closed off. I think because they removing those bits. Lily was gutted as she was looking forward to going on the water slides and log. These are one of the best things there I think. I have no idea why they are removing them but it is very disappointing.

Lily went on all the other rides but I think she is getting a bit big for them as she didn’t enjoy them as much as she normally does. The roller coaster there isn’t much of a rollercoaster and it is so outdated. It just needs a good boost. They have this new 5D ride but Lily wasn’t allowed on the simulator bit as she was to small! Like really she has been on the tower of terror at Disney think that is a bit more extreme than this one. She sat down in the non- moving chairs and still watched it but didn’t think much of her. Neither did I if I’m being honest with, probably would if we were moving.

There are lots of climbing frames and slides which  was ok and she enjoyed the water balloon area but again it’s something we could do at home.

The only good thing about today was the animals. Lily loved them. She fell in love with a pony called Candy.

Lily’s love Candy
She was hoping to ride them but again that was another thing they don’t do anymore. However,  there was a lovely lady who let Lily brush one of the other horses.

Brushing Polo
I can’t fault the staff enough it’s just a shame about the facilities there. I don’t think we will be going back anytime soon.


Lily did a little vlog of all the cute animals she saw so she could remember them all especially candy.


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