22nd May ’18- I did it!!

It may have been the hardest year of my life in a long time, I may have had many sleepless nights (especially within the last week) but yesterday was the hand in day of my last assignment and I could have not been even more ready for it. I felt so relieved that it was all completed.

I thought when decided to study again at the age of 32 it wouldn’t be that hard. I did my Foundation Degree 5 yrs ago, working and being a single mum and it was fine (I say fine because it wasn’t easy) I really enjoyed it. I don’t know if it was because it was connected to what I love which is Childcare and Education but it was so much easier than they one I did recently.

I thought that becoming a Teacher within FE would be just as easy. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I hated it. The only thing I did enjoy was the teaching. Teaching the subject I love. The course work was nothing like I expected. I did not find any of it helpful or even anything relating to what I do. I know that may sound a bit crazy because it’s obviously things you need to know to become a FE teacher but I felt I learnt so much more from my actual mentor (teacher) in my specialism subject than I did actually going to lessons. I don’t know how I got through actually writing my assignments because I had no idea what I was writing about half the time.

Many people, actually most of the people on my course have not enjoyed it and do not even want to go into teaching it has been that bad. We had our two teachers leave and got told one thing by someone and another by someone else. It was ridiculous I wonder where my £7500 went.

But never the less it’s done and hopefully I would have passed my last one and can teach Childcare and Education. The struggle I have at the moment is being a full-time single mum so as much as I would love to go straight into it, it is something that will have to take a back seat for the time being because the job is full on. But one day when my kids are a little bit older hopefully it will happen. For the meantime I need to go job hunting!! Scary times!!

My treat for handing in my last assignment!!

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