May 28th ’18- Trerice, Cornwall

What a beautiful bank holiday Monday. We were suppose to have storms and rain but it was gorgeous sunshine. It is also half term so had to plan something with the kids. I say kids but Josh doesn’t really count as he does his own thing. I would love for him to come out with us but it’s more trouble than it’s worth. I know he is happy and having a good time with his mates. So that just leaves me and the little madam, who like to keep me busy.



So, first day of half term and we decided to go somewhere we have never been before. Trerice house, it’s a national trust house and gardens in Newquay, Cornwall. We have got a voucher with loads of free places we can go throughout the year. We thought we would try here as we have never been. My mum came with us too as she has the week off as well.

Well, it is a stunning place to go. the first thing we did was look around the house. The tour guides (that’s what I’ll call them) were all dressed as Tudors. They were lovely, told you things about the rooms and we even got to play games from the Tudor time and dress up in the armour they used to wear. It was so heavy, I don’t know how the ever managed it. Lily loved trying it all on and the man there was lovely telling us about it all and helping her. It was all very grand inside and then it led you down to the shop. Lovely little shop but didn’t buy anything.

When we went outside we walked over to another part of the house and OMG it was brilliant. They had Tudor clothes that we could all try on. Lily’s eyes lit up when the people dressed her (yes, they dressed us) she was so happy in her dress. Me and my mum dressed up too, I don’t normally but thought it would be fun and it was. The clothes were actually handmade from the people who were dressing us. It was amazing. they had so many layers on though back then and we were boiling.  But we managed to have some photos taken of us which me and my mum found hilarious but lily was in her element and was a perfect little model. The man who took the photos (on my phone) was so nice and telling us the best positions to sit and how they used to stand/sit in the Tudor times. Lily didn’t want to take the dress off.

We had a laugh!
My Tudor Girl

She did eventually and then we went out to part of the garden area and had some lunch. They did have a café there but we chose to bring a picnic. I’m glad we did because the weather was sunning couldn’t ask for better weather and they had more Tudor garden games to play. It was so much fun and so relaxing as it wasn’t overly busy. After we finished our games, ate our lunch and oh yea climbed some trees we headed off down to even more gardens. This time there was a maze and even more stunning views. They even had a little library/bookshop there where you can give a pound a get a book. They were quite old books but if you like reading it’s pretty good.

We then came back to what we thought was the beginning but we were wrong. We continued to walk into more gardens, with even more games. This time it was bowling and of course we all had a go. there was also a bit of shade which was nice as the sun was boiling. We then walked back to the front of the house and it looks magnificent. It is such a  beautiful place to go.

Beautiful gardens
I know this is quite a long post (sorry) but it was such a lovely day out. I don’t think Josh would have enjoyed it but Lily, myself and my mum loved it. I also don’t think they have the Tudor stuff on all the time but I know they do have things on for kids/family’s the majority of the time so it’s worth checking out. Also even if they haven’t it’s still a nice day out for the family. Will definitely be going again.




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