June 16th-18th ’18- Ed Sheeran

Can’t believe this weekend has finally come around. Not only because it is the weekend and we are off to London but because we are going to see Ed Sheeran. I have been waiting years to see him and now I can with my kids and mum as well who absolutely love him, especially Lily. She made me play his Divide album in the car over and over again. People hate coming in the car with us.

So we were lucky enough that my sister lives up in London so we didn’t have to pay for accommodation. Unfortunately she lives and hour away from Wembley but it’s fine the train/underground is easy enough.

When we got to Wembley I could not believe how big it was inside it was amazing. We had quite good seats as well, we had to sit because we had Lily but that was fine. I was under the impression that we were right at the back but we weren’t so that was lucky. we got food and drink as well before we sat down and planned toilet breaks when we knew it wouldn’t be so busy (yes these are important when you have a 6 yr old with a very weak bladder)

Excited Kiddies
Jamie Lawson and Anne-Marie were on before and they were really good. I would go see Anne Marie at her own concert she was Lily’s fav I think because she knew the majority of her songs. Josh enjoyed her too. Then it was time for the main man himself I felt like a teenager again cheering and clapping he started off with Lilys favourite song Castle on the hill so she was up dancing and singing and me being the embarrassing mum was obviously joining in.

I was in awe the whole way through the concert I am still amazed at the talent he has. Delivering that whole concert by himself is mind-blowing. I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my time but nothing compares to him. He gets the crowd involved, uses the whole stage, sings all his songs and plays his music all by himself. No one else to support him or giving him encouragement just him and the crowd.  You don’t see anyone like that nowadays I would go and see him again and recommend it to everyone.

I have loved Ed Sheeran from the beginning so I knew all his songs. I think it got a bit too much for Lily as she didn’t know all his old songs. She has listened to that one album and knows where each song is. She refers to them as song 6 etc. She was  also very tired but she still sang along when she knew and held my phone up at the slow songs.

I was quite sad when it was over as I could listen to him all night. Joshua seemed to enjoy it too as he was singing along, got up to danced and joined in but I don’t want to embarrass him so we shall leave it there. We had the long journey back after that and I think it took an hour to get back to station (it is literally 2 mins away) but it was so busy. Lily was gone by this point couldn’t carry on she was so tired. Luckily there was a lovely security guard who was talking to, keeping her occupied while we were waiting.

Anyway we got back just after 12 so not too bad still had all the songs in my head wishing I could see him again. Yes I am like an obsessive teenager when I talk about Ed Sheeran because he is just amazing 🙂




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