May 25th ’18- Living a healthy lifestyle

This week was the last time I had to ever have to go to college, the last time I will ever see my wonderful but moody students. My year of being a full-time student is over. I thought this would be the best year of my life but it hasn’t been. The one thing that has been amazing is being there for my kids. However, I have become lazy, tired and not feeling very good about myself. I mean don’t get me wrong I am so proud of myself and what I have achieved, I mean I can teach in a college, that’s crazy. Just haven’t looked after myself and my body that well.

But this is all going to change and it’s time to get my backside in gear. It was confirmed by the nurse this week that I have put on a stone in weight. Can’t believe it. I mean I’m not big, but I feel it and I’m not happy with the way I look, I’m also tired all the time. So now I have 2 months off with the kids being at school so I need to do some more exercise (and look for a job) and to eat more healthy. Im not going to join the gym or go to any slimming group because basically I can’t afford it and I know what I need to do to get healthy and loose some weight.

I’ve started quite well this week. Cutting down on certain foods, eating more fruit and eating smaller meals. I tend to eat ‘man size’ meals. I have also introduced more veg into my kids meals. Now they are the fussiest kids ever so it is so hard to eat healthy with them but I made Bolognese this week with a homemade sauce and blended lots of veg in the sauce and they didn’t even know. It’s Lily more than Josh but they both loved it.  Also I am trying so hard to drink as that is one of my downfalls but I am trying. I brought one of those big water bottles that  I’m trying to get through each day.

My hidden veg sauce!!


Since the weather has been getting better me and lily have been going out after tea for a walk or bike ride. She has really enjoyed that as well. We have also being doing some exercises at home. She has been showing me some kids exercises on you tube and I have started off with some easy ones (not the kids ones lol) . After the half term I will be doing more exercise routines when she is at school for longer as well  but I am very  unfit so got to start slow I think. (that’s my excuse anyway) But we do plan to do lots of activities to keep us busy during the half term.

Lovely Bike ride in the Woods

Now I know it’s not about what you look like but for me it’s how I feel. I don’t feel good in myself and i’m not happy with the way I look so I need to do something about it.

My exercise buddy!