April 23-29th ’18- Baking and Squishies

Lily did some amazing baking again this week. This time it was some delicious ‘ Magic Wishing wand’ or cake pops as they are normally called. She wanted to do this for her YouTube channel. They actually tasted really nice and they were so simple to make. I love baking and I am so glad that she is into it as well.

Magic Wishing Wands

We also had our annual fair in our town celebrating Richards Trevithick. Now I am not a great lover of these things mainly because they are so expensive, over crowded and it’s the same thing every year. I know I sound really boring and should be excited and join in the festivities but no I don’t like it. But, being a single mum I had to do the mum duty and take Lily down to it. Josh went with his mates so that wasn’t a problem, I gave him some money to spend as well.

We wasn’t there that long, luckily for me. We went to the fair which was ridiculously priced. Me and lily went on 1 ride together and it was £5. She didn’t go on a lot after that but she was happy. I think she is t that age now where she is too big for some of the small rides but too small for the bigger ones. So it is hard. Time she played ‘hook a duck’ went into the fun house and bought a slush which was £6 by the way we had next to no money left. She won 2 Squishies and brought 2 more. Now I know squishies are the in thing with kids at the moment but I don’t; again moaning about money why they are so expensive. Lily brought 2 for £5 which isn’t that bad but they are cheaper on amazon and they break so quickly and get so dirty because they squeeze them so much. I have to say they are really relaxing and I don’t mind them really it’s just the price. But lily was happy and wasn’t interested in seeing anything else so we went home and had fun in the garden.

Squishies everywhere


We were actually really lucky that it was a beautiful sunny day else we would have stayed home!!

April 12th, 13th ’18- Lazy days

Thursday and Friday together as we have ha quite a lazy 2 days. I don’t mind too much as we have had a busy Easter holiday really. However, the weather was quite nice so I do feel like I can’t stay in all day. Does anyone else feel like this when the weather is nice?

We decided to do some more baking as we have so much chocolate to use up. So me and lily made double chocolate brownies. They were delicious and so simple to make.

Double Chocolate Brownie

So, we also did the boring shop as I had no food in my house. (well I did but according to the kids I didn’t) I went to my fav shop which is.. yep you guessed it Lidl and to top it off they had all the German food in. I was delighted as it reminds me of Germany. I was quite good though didn’t go over board but did pick up a few yummy things such as Currywurst (german sausage and currysauce) and Rosti. Can’t wait to have them this week. Sad how excited I get over food.

We then went home in the garden and let Poppy out to have a run. She loves it in the garden, she has her run which she is out in all day (weather permitting) but when we are outside and can keep an eye on her we let her run around the garden. She is so funny, she is like a cat at time playing with the washing hanging down. I am trying so make a bigger run for her but the weather hasn’t been great to do it yet. Hopefully soon so she has more space to run around in. I can’t leave her in the garden as the cats will chase her or she will jump up onto the wall (which is really high by the way) but she is a monkey at times. It’s funny How you worry about your pets just as much as your kids sometimes isn’t it.

April 11th ’18- Paradise park and JungleBarn

Another busy day for us today. We were headed down to Paradise park in Hayle today. Lily loves it there. We met some friends, they hadn’t been before so it was nice for them as well. She had a boy aged 2 and a girl Lily’s age. They go to school together. She was delighted that someone else her age was going as it is normally just me and her.

Luckily we didn’t have to pay because I had some free tickets to get in. I’m not sure of the price actually. Both the girls ran straight off to find the animals. They were so excited. The little one was walking around aswell but obviously with us. They went to see the otters. I think they were hungry as they were standing up looking at the girls.

Paradise park is mainly birds. All different sorts. Lily isn’t too fussed about them as much as we tried to say ‘oh look at the colours’ both girls went ‘aww’ then ran off to the next. I’m not sure why they have all the birds’ there. I should have asked really, I’m sure it has something to do with them rescuing them or ensuring they don’t become extinct. I’m not entirely sure but I do feel sometimes the cages just aren’t big enough for some of them.

Anyway we made it to the penguins, now Lily loves the penguins being fed. Mainly because they choose children to feed them. Lily has done this many times before. She didn’t get chosen this time but her friend did and Lily luckily was fine about it. They both got to stroke the penguin after which they loved.

We then went to feed the little farm animals. You know the usual Goats, sheep etc. Again Lily was very confident in this and got stuck in. Her friend had never done it before so she was a little nervous but me and Lily showed her and she was confident in feeding them in no time. The 2-year-old was a little scared of the animals at this point so he had a snack in the buggy. The place is very clean and had places so you can wash your hands after. They also had some new donkeys which were so cute.

We then headed to the Junglebarn, an indoor play centre. I had a lush time, sat with a cuppa watching lily. My friend obviously had to run around with the 2 yr. old.  We were there just before lunch and it wasn’t that busy I was very surprised as it is the Easter holidays. Me and Lily had a pasty their too and it tasted so good. Very, Very Tasty. Oh also Lily was so excited as she went down the Demon drop (very large slide that I wouldn’t do).


We finished our day by doing a little egg hunt around the park, which obviously the kids were delighted with as they got a small bag of chocolate eggs. It was a lovely day out, we didn’t get to see some of the feeding of the animals or flying shows but we know we can pop down anytime again. Good day out.

April 9th’ 18- Mum friends

Now I don’t have many ‘mum’ friends. I mean not the ones you go out on play dates with. I’m not really sure why, not sure if it’s a confidence thing or the fact that I have always worked and not really met mums especially with kids Lily’s age.

I was a teenage mum so obviously not a lot of teenage mums when I was younger and especially in Germany. So, it was quite hard. I still had quite a few friends I went out with and Josh was never left out though.

Now is the only time I am actually feeling like my ‘mum’ friend network is growing. I don’t know if it is because I have more time now speaking to mums at the school, more birthday party’s. I don’t know what it is but I kinda like it. I like it more so for Lily  though aswell so she has someone her age to play with.

Today one of my ‘mum’ friends (who we went to the fair with) invited us to the park. The sun was shining and we had nothing else to do. It was actually really nice. We were there and a few other mums as well. Lily played with the other children, we packed a picnic and I had a good chat with adults. Adult conversation is pretty good at times. Especially when you don’t get a lot of it.

We were their for about 3 hours. Now if you know our park you will probably think ‘how the hell did they manage that’ but we did and it was lovely all around. I am definitely going to plan more days like that. Especially in the summer. It makes both me and Lily feel so much better and happier in ourselves.

I haven’t forgotten about Josh by the way but he is 15 now so it’s not the same. I get along with the rugby parents and chat with them when there is a match on but it’s a completely different chat and Josh has such a large network of friends it’s hard to know them all. However, it would be nice to have a close couple just so I can talk about teenage boy things as it is all new to me.

Riding her scooter to the park.

March 18th ’18- Holiday Struggles

Today is Sunday and we all (mum, dad, sister, Lily and Josh) went to Truro for lunch and to look at holidays as we are all going on a big family holiday in October. My other sister and her fam are coming too. So it’s going to be a big one. We went to a travel agents and I could not believe the price. I don’t honestly think I am going to afford it. I have to pay for me and my kids. I’m worrying now I can’t, doesn’t matter how hard I save. My parents are ok obviously because they both work and have savings, my Sister is a nurse, my other sisters husband is in the army and quite high up so money isn’t an option for them.

Then there is me, on my own with my kids. I also need to find a job when I finish Uni. If I don’t then I am screwed even more. I’m kind of putting on a front at the mo and say I don’t know how much I can afford and saying it will be ok. But I honestly don’t know if I will have any money (enough for a holiday anyway) It’s so hard being a single parent at times. I get no help financially from their dads so I do it all. School uniforms, passports, clubs, everything and anything. When I actually think I can save a bit something always comes up.

I want more than anything to take my kids away, when I was younger we used to go away every year. These are things you don’t really think about when you become a single parent. I want my kids to experience these things like I did. I’m just trying to figure out how I can.

It’s not like we are looking to go anywhere to extravagant. We were looking at places like Benidorm, Ibiza places like that. We want to go for the heat and pool more than anything. The travel agents was looking at Rhodes which looked beautiful but a bit more than expensive than I would like. It’s the bloody flights more than anything. I just want to cry sometimes.

I’m sure it will sort itself out somehow but right now I have no idea what I’m going to do.

March 17th ’18- Baking

One day where we can do what we like and when we like. Routine goes out the window, times for lie-in’s and lazing around right? No, any parent knows that doesn’t happen, although our Saturday morning was quite slow. Lily woke at 8 so we got up and I had loads of house work in the morn to do so Lily played on her own (which rarely happens) Josh went our as usual.

Our afternoon was still quite chilled actually (never happens) although the weather wasn’t great so didn’t mind too much. I baked this delicious golden syrup cake.

Golden Syrup Cake

It was a simple recipe from Pinterest (isn’t that the best place for everything?) I could have put some more syrup in it really. I love baking at the moment and finding different things to make, I’m just not always great at knowing my oven temperature and how long to cook things for but this one was so simple and turned out great.


My sister had come down from London so her and my mum popped over. Lily was delighted to see her although a little sad as she started to make a coaster out of Hama beads but didn’t finish it in time (she was going to see her tomorrow.) She got over it when she had some cake. It was nearly all gone by the evening. Can you guess who ate most of  it? lol

Yummy cake



March 6th 2018

Alarm was set for 6:40am but as per usual didn’t get out of bed until 7:15am! Lily woke up again last night and snuck into my bed. Have no idea what is making her do it but I’m too tired to put her back! I am aware that this is not the correct approach to take but I have no reason why she can’t sleep in my bed and know she will grow out of it at some point, Joshua did.  I also like my human hot water bottle next to me 🙂
I did eventually mange to crawl out of bed, made sure josh was awake (after shouting, nagging whatever you want to call it) he surfaced out of bed at 7:55am ready to leave for 8:05am; have no idea how he manages that and getting to school on time. Also have no idea where he gets his laziness from! Hmmm.
Dropped lily off and there was even some sun shining through, so we walked this morning and didn’t forget anything. Always a bonus.
I enjoy walking to school it is literally 5 mins up the road, so I have no excuse, but the Cornish weather does test me at times.
I then had all good intentions to do a bit of cleaning but after sorting the Poppy the rabbit out I decided to do a bit of comping. Something that I never actually thought I would have the motivation to do all the time but it’s something I started about year ago and now its just stuck. I still don’t win like some people do. I don’t know how they do it. I’m still waiting for the big family holiday or cash giveaway!! You got to be in it to win it!!
So, yea cleaning can wait until tomorrow, when I’m not teaching.
Teaching went well today; big boss lady was in but didn’t really make a difference to me. My students were really focused today, they aren’t normally I mean snap chatting or whatever it is to each other (when they are sat next to each other I may add) is clearly more important than learning anything.  Teaching 16/17 yr. olds is quite challenging at times an I do wonder what the hell I am doing but I keep persevering and it pays off in the end.
School pick up came around quickly so walked up again, the Cornish weather wasn’t so kind to us this time, but I’ve seen it worse. As normal lately lily wasn’t in the best of moods. She didn’t eat her lunch (which I made) but had school dinners again I didn’t mind but she wanted to eat a yoghurt walking home, in the rain. Like seriously lily that is not practical. So, after getting the ‘look’ and the moan she had a milky way (chocolate I know bad mum) but honestly, she comes out of school starving everyday, so she had that and some crisps extra bad mum today. Oops.
Had a chilled afternoon/evening after that though, Josh went out and lily sat watching a film The Little vampire. Have no idea why but she is into vampires. After making vampire teeth out of paper and her trying to ‘suck my blood’ she was all ready for bed.
So now I’m am going to make myself a fresh cup of tea (other one has been sat here for half and hour and gone cold) ☹ and watch GBBO for stand up to cancer. Get me in the baking mood.