April 21st & 22nd ’18-Porthleven Food Festival

Weather was gorgeous on Saturday. We had rugby in the morning at 9. I say we Joshua but obviously me and Lily took him and showed our support just like we always do when he has a match. Although it was early and on a Saturday, it wasn’t too bad. It was the last match of the season and they Won! WooHoo. Normally it’s freezing cold and wet. Not impressed but I always go. Today was lovely though sun shining, although breezy and it was a good match. Very intense.

Rugby Life

We got home about Lunch time and although he weather was lovely I had planned to go to the skip (exciting I know) but my garden needed it. Lily didn’t mind and Josh went out. I can’t wait to sort the garden out properly. I want to try to make Poppy (the rabbit) a big run that can stay in one place. I’m not sure how yet though! Also I need to find a place for Lily’s Gymnastics bar. I have no idea how as my garden isn’t that big and it has a massive trampoline in it as well. You see I don’t think about these things when I buy all the stuff for it.


On Sunday it was a little cloudier but nothing was going to stop us from going to the Porthleven Food festival. Me and Lily went with my mum. We normally go to the Big Feastival in the Cotswold but couldn’t afford it last year and we like a food festival. Well we never knew it was that big, I mean people camp out, loads of food stalls obviously and plenty for the children to do. I mean it’s not over big and I thought they would have a bit more, especially down towards the beach but it was enough. I had a lovely chicken wrap, sounds boring but tasted delicious. My mum had some ribs, chips and coleslaw which again tasted amazing. Things just cost quite a bit don’t they at these festivals? Although my mum had loads for what she paid.

We managed to look around the tents and taste a some free food. Couldn’t try any alcohol as I was driving. Lots of little entertainment around which was nice and they had some little things for the kids to do. Lily had a go with a hula hoop, bouncy castle and some swing thing. They also did some crafts which Lily loved. She painted a Mermaid.

We finished off by Lily having a unicorn painted on her face. She was delighted. She didn’t want to go in the morning as she was feeling tired but she loved it and glad she went. It was such a lovely atmosphere and the weather held out as well.

April 14th and 15th ’18- Portreath beach.

Can’t believe its the last weekend of the Easter holidays. I think I have got used to not having to work and enjoying the days out with Lily. We have been quite lucky with the weather actually and we have been fairly busy for us, it has been great and so much fun.

The sun was glorious on Saturday so me and Lily thought we would head to our local beach. Lily got all dresses up in her summer clothes; looking rather grown up I must say and we headed off.

Well, we was not prepared at all as it was freezing at the beach. Luckily I had a cardigan in the car for Lily. I kept saying to her it’s ok it will be warmer at the beach and you can run around.it wasn’t it was just as cold. I mean it wasn’t unbearable, it was just so windy. I couldn’t believe it. Anyway Lily was happy to play a little hiding the rock game and then paddling in the sea.  I didn’t I’m not as brave as she was. The waves were amazing, there is just something so satisfying about watching waves.

It was very busy, I think everyone else thought it was just as warm like us.

Wave watching

Finished our day off as you do at the beach with a standard Cornish Ice-cream. Although it was cold it turned out a lovely afternoon there.

Bit windy

On the Sunday it was little bit wet, so we stayed home. However when we stay home we are not like many families I’m sure of that, please tell me if I’m wrong.  But, we made an edible slime  video for YouTube. Well, I say we, Lily mainly but I helped, lets just say it wasn’t as easy as it is made out to be. It was great fun, very messy and kept her busy anyway. Go check it out it’s quite funny. (link in Bio).

Also does anyone else’s rabbit just enjoy sitting out in the rain all the time?

What rain?



April 8th ’18- Rogue Theatre

If you go down in the woods to-day your sure of a big surprise….. Well we definitely were.

We went to the North cliffs of Tehidy woods today. It’s a great part of the wood for dog walking, climbing trees etc. What we didn’t realise was that Rogue Theatre were there. They put on amazing shows at different times of the years. We went at Halloween and all through the woods they had different things set up that children can look at and play with. It was amazing.

We went today and they had little things set up so we had a good look. We came across a witches home and lily tried the brooms and made me some witches brew. Lovely. What we didn’t know was that was where they told their stories.

Lily cam across a swing which she love. Rope swings are always fun right? Then we heard some. music so we started to walk through the woods a bit more. We then came to the end of the show. IT looked amazing. I really wish we actually got tickets to see it all. However, the woods is open to everyone so not sure how it works.

Anyway we came to at the end but lily still got a chocolate egg from the Easter bunny and had her face painted. She then made a wand or something out of ribbon and leaves. She loved it. They are so nice and it is an amazing thing they do.

The kind Witch Painted her face.

As we were leaving I think they had their next group come in because the witches home where we were before had members of the public in and 3 witches telling a story. We went over to watch it and it was  brilliant. Lily didn’t want to watch the others but loved the witches and their story. I highly recommend it to anyone with or without children. We will definitely be getting tickets next time to see the whole show. We both had a fab time

I met a lion in the woods…. not scary at all!!

April 7th ’18- It’s the little things that count.

The weekend has landed and so on. Can’t remember the rest but used to love that film when I was younger do you remember it? Human Traffic with a young Danny Dyer. Still love that man.

Anyway, the sun was shining again today, we have been so lucky with the weather. Could this be the beginning of spring finally. Although the weather was lovely we didn’t have anything planned other than clean the house. It was a mess, I mean I’m not the tidiest of people, by far. I hate it. But it had been neglected after this week. I don’t understand how as we were hardly there but it was.

This is one part of parenting I hate. I feel guilty for leaving my daughter to do her own thing while I was cleaning especially when the weather is so nice outside. I know it’s part of being a mum and we all have to do it but I can’t help feeling guilty. I did manage to turn it into a game in the end and Lily was Cinderella.

My friend messaged me (whose daughter is in Lily’s class) at 1230pm, asking if we wanted to go to the fair. I wasn’t sure at first. I had no money, wasn’t even dressed and I hate the fair normally. I find them a bit Cheap and tacky at times.

But, I made the effort and I am so glad I did. It wasn’t overly big or busy. The sun was shining and Lily was really enjoying herself. It was actually nice to have an adult conversation and spend time with other mum’s as I don’t normally. Being a single parent can feel quite isolated at times. We haven’t been friends that long but we get a long so well and the kids can play. Which is a bonus for Lily so she has someone her age and not just me all the time.

She went Flying

I felt really good when I got home, we spent a good 2 hrs there, didn’t spend too much (thankfully) and Lily was happy. It’s the little things that can make a difference to the way you feel.

March 10th ’18- Gardening day

6:30am wake up call this morning WTF it is a Saturday Lily. She didn’t even go to bed till 9:30pm. I tried to say it was still night-time but she wasn’t having any of it, she went back into her room and did some reading for like 5 mins then that what is I couldn’t stay in bed anymore. My bedroom is on a main bus road so she could hear all of them which didn’t help. So much for our lay in hey.                                                                              Cornish weather blessed us this morn just to top the start of the weekend off. However I did manage to get boring mum things done around the house before heading out.
We didn’t have a lot planned today I had to get Lily’s passport photos done as hers has run out and we are planning a big family holiday near the end of the year (only I could decide to go on holiday when both kids passports run out! GRR)
We then went to get a few more things for our garden. This time as Lily was with me so she thought she would push our limits with our planting. After picking up our strawberries (finally) she thought we would by some basil, lettuce, flowers and oh  watermelons. I mean why not because we have space for all this in our garden and i am apparently an expert at gardening. ( I doubt it will grow but you have to act positive as she was so pleased with herself)
So that is what we did, we were in the garden; the sun was out by then. Lily was delighted she loved putting her gloves on planting all the different seeds we had, we had to label them all and put them all in our greenhouse. She is definitely the green fingers in our house. I just hope something grows for her. We have a good range now so something should happen. I’ve spent enough money on it so I would like something back.
The afternoon actually turned out really nice, Poppy (the rabbit) was even out in the garden having a whale of a time playing with the washing hanging down. She is such a cutie; as Lily calls her lately. She is always coming up to us for a cuddle, she even let Lily give her a kiss. You wouldn’t think it was actually Lily’s rabbit normally.

Oh and yes I must mention my other child the one I never see he stayed at his friends last night, sent me a msg saying he was going to be out all day but will pop in for money about 12 (his not mine) which he did and took my last can of coke max in which he did say he would buy me a new one later. I told him he’d better but I was joking. Didn’t see him then until 830 and yes he did bring me a bottle of coke. Although I hardly see him he is a good kid really.