March 6th 2018

Alarm was set for 6:40am but as per usual didn’t get out of bed until 7:15am! Lily woke up again last night and snuck into my bed. Have no idea what is making her do it but I’m too tired to put her back! I am aware that this is not the correct approach to take but I have no reason why she can’t sleep in my bed and know she will grow out of it at some point, Joshua did.  I also like my human hot water bottle next to me 🙂
I did eventually mange to crawl out of bed, made sure josh was awake (after shouting, nagging whatever you want to call it) he surfaced out of bed at 755 ready to leave for 805; have no idea how he manages that and getting to school on time. Also have no idea where he gets his laziness from! Hmmm.
Dropped lily off and there was even some sun shining through, so we walked this morning and didn’t forget anything. Always a bonus.
I enjoy walking to school it is literally 5 mins up the road, so I have no excuse, but the Cornish weather does test me at times.
I then had all good intentions to do a bit of cleaning but after sorting the Poppy the rabbit out I decided to do a bit of comping. Something that I never actually thought I would have the motivation to do all the time but it’s something I started about year ago and now its just stuck. I still don’t win like some people do. I don’t know how they do it. I’m still waiting for the big family holiday or cash giveaway!! You got to be in it to win it!!
So, yea cleaning can wait until tomorrow, when I’m not teaching.
Teaching went well today; big boss lady was in but didn’t really make a difference to me. My students were really focused today, they aren’t normally I mean snap chatting or whatever it is to each other (when they are sat next to each other I may add) is clearly more important than learning anything.  Teaching 16/17 yr. olds is quite challenging at times an I do wonder what the hell I am doing but I keep persevering and it pays off in the end.

School pick up came around quickly so walked up again, the Cornish weather wasn’t so kind to us this time, but I’ve seen it worse. As normal lately lily wasn’t in the best of moods. She didn’t eat her lunch (which I made) but had school dinners again I didn’t mind but she wanted to eat a yoghurt walking home, in the rain. Like seriously lily that is not practical. So, after getting the ‘look’ and the moan she had a milky way (chocolate I know bad mum) but honestly, she comes out of school starving everyday, so she had that and some crisps extra bad mum today. Oops.

Had a chilled afternoon/evening after that though, Josh went out and lily sat watching a film The Little vampire. Have no idea why but she is into vampires. After making vampire teeth out of paper and her trying to ‘suck my blood’ she was all ready for bed.

So now I’m am going to make myself a fresh cup of tea (other one has been sat here for half and hour and gone cold) ☹ and watch GBBO for stand up to cancer. Get me in the baking mood.