April 14th and 15th ’18- Portreath beach.

Can’t believe its the last weekend of the Easter holidays. I think I have got used to not having to work and enjoying the days out with Lily. We have been quite lucky with the weather actually and we have been fairly busy for us, it has been great and so much fun.

The sun was glorious on Saturday so me and Lily thought we would head to our local beach. Lily got all dresses up in her summer clothes; looking rather grown up I must say and we headed off.

Well, we was not prepared at all as it was freezing at the beach. Luckily I had a cardigan in the car for Lily. I kept saying to her it’s ok it will be warmer at the beach and you can run around.it wasn’t it was just as cold. I mean it wasn’t unbearable, it was just so windy. I couldn’t believe it. Anyway Lily was happy to play a little hiding the rock game and then paddling in the sea.  I didn’t I’m not as brave as she was. The waves were amazing, there is just something so satisfying about watching waves.

It was very busy, I think everyone else thought it was just as warm like us.

Wave watching

Finished our day off as you do at the beach with a standard Cornish Ice-cream. Although it was cold it turned out a lovely afternoon there.

Bit windy

On the Sunday it was little bit wet, so we stayed home. However when we stay home we are not like many families I’m sure of that, please tell me if I’m wrong.  But, we made an edible slime  video for YouTube. Well, I say we, Lily mainly but I helped, lets just say it wasn’t as easy as it is made out to be. It was great fun, very messy and kept her busy anyway. Go check it out it’s quite funny. (link in Bio).

Also does anyone else’s rabbit just enjoy sitting out in the rain all the time?

What rain?



April 12th, 13th ’18- Lazy days

Thursday and Friday together as we have ha quite a lazy 2 days. I don’t mind too much as we have had a busy Easter holiday really. However, the weather was quite nice so I do feel like I can’t stay in all day. Does anyone else feel like this when the weather is nice?

We decided to do some more baking as we have so much chocolate to use up. So me and lily made double chocolate brownies. They were delicious and so simple to make.

Double Chocolate Brownie

So, we also did the boring shop as I had no food in my house. (well I did but according to the kids I didn’t) I went to my fav shop which is.. yep you guessed it Lidl and to top it off they had all the German food in. I was delighted as it reminds me of Germany. I was quite good though didn’t go over board but did pick up a few yummy things such as Currywurst (german sausage and currysauce) and Rosti. Can’t wait to have them this week. Sad how excited I get over food.

We then went home in the garden and let Poppy out to have a run. She loves it in the garden, she has her run which she is out in all day (weather permitting) but when we are outside and can keep an eye on her we let her run around the garden. She is so funny, she is like a cat at time playing with the washing hanging down. I am trying so make a bigger run for her but the weather hasn’t been great to do it yet. Hopefully soon so she has more space to run around in. I can’t leave her in the garden as the cats will chase her or she will jump up onto the wall (which is really high by the way) but she is a monkey at times. It’s funny How you worry about your pets just as much as your kids sometimes isn’t it.

April 11th ’18- Paradise park and JungleBarn

Another busy day for us today. We were headed down to Paradise park in Hayle today. Lily loves it there. We met some friends, they hadn’t been before so it was nice for them as well. She had a boy aged 2 and a girl Lily’s age. They go to school together. She was delighted that someone else her age was going as it is normally just me and her.

Luckily we didn’t have to pay because I had some free tickets to get in. I’m not sure of the price actually. Both the girls ran straight off to find the animals. They were so excited. The little one was walking around aswell but obviously with us. They went to see the otters. I think they were hungry as they were standing up looking at the girls.

Paradise park is mainly birds. All different sorts. Lily isn’t too fussed about them as much as we tried to say ‘oh look at the colours’ both girls went ‘aww’ then ran off to the next. I’m not sure why they have all the birds’ there. I should have asked really, I’m sure it has something to do with them rescuing them or ensuring they don’t become extinct. I’m not entirely sure but I do feel sometimes the cages just aren’t big enough for some of them.

Anyway we made it to the penguins, now Lily loves the penguins being fed. Mainly because they choose children to feed them. Lily has done this many times before. She didn’t get chosen this time but her friend did and Lily luckily was fine about it. They both got to stroke the penguin after which they loved.

We then went to feed the little farm animals. You know the usual Goats, sheep etc. Again Lily was very confident in this and got stuck in. Her friend had never done it before so she was a little nervous but me and Lily showed her and she was confident in feeding them in no time. The 2-year-old was a little scared of the animals at this point so he had a snack in the buggy. The place is very clean and had places so you can wash your hands after. They also had some new donkeys which were so cute.

We then headed to the Junglebarn, an indoor play centre. I had a lush time, sat with a cuppa watching lily. My friend obviously had to run around with the 2 yr. old.  We were there just before lunch and it wasn’t that busy I was very surprised as it is the Easter holidays. Me and Lily had a pasty their too and it tasted so good. Very, Very Tasty. Oh also Lily was so excited as she went down the Demon drop (very large slide that I wouldn’t do).


We finished our day by doing a little egg hunt around the park, which obviously the kids were delighted with as they got a small bag of chocolate eggs. It was a lovely day out, we didn’t get to see some of the feeding of the animals or flying shows but we know we can pop down anytime again. Good day out.

April 10th ’18- Comping

I had a quiet day today so I thought I would write a post on Comping. I know it’s a bit of weird one right? I honestly had no idea how big it was until I started it.

I have been doing it for just over a year now. I mean I’m not as hard-core as some people are but I do spend some time in the evening or when I am on Facebook/Twitter I have a look around. I have read that some people spend 3-4 hours doing it. I have no idea how they manage that but good for them. I do a bit more when I have a day off to myself (especially when I have a tone of cleaning to do! lol) but that’s it.

I have to say it is amazing how many competitions there are out there. Also knowing which ones are real or fake. Again I had no idea how many fake ones there were out there and no idea about spam emails. I have read loads of posts but mainly SuperluckyDi’s website. She has everything and anything you need to know about comping it’s pretty good if you want to go full on with it. I think she has a book as well which I am yet to purchase. But I do follower her and joined a group on Facebook. Just for clarity on things more than anything. I also go onto MSE and The Prize Finder to find competitions. Although you have to be careful with the Prize finder especially the first few as they tend to be spam.

I only enter ones that are online or magazines. I don’t tend to go and buy products with promotions on. I’m not sure why, I just think I forget a bit about them. I have entered a few Paid ITV ones etc but feel like they are a waste of money. Mainly because so many people enter and the odds are not as good as maybe some other ones who are less known.

Now I have entered thousands of competitions and I mean thousands and hardly win anything. But, the little wins I have won have given me that little boost to want to win more. I have won a lot of toys over the year which has been brilliant for Lily. Just before Christmas I won £350 worth of Disney Princess toys from Toys R Us. I couldn’t believe it. I never win anything big like that. I was delighted and of course so was Lily but she didn’t realise I had won them as they were for Christmas.

I would like to win a family holiday or something like that but I am very grateful for all the wins I have had and I will still enter them even if it is just for fun.

Here are some of my prizes over the year. Also check out our YouTube as we have have started to do Unboxing videos. It’s a thing too you know! lol

April 9th’ 18- Mum friends

Now I don’t have many ‘mum’ friends. I mean not the ones you go out on play dates with. I’m not really sure why, not sure if it’s a confidence thing or the fact that I have always worked and not really met mums especially with kids Lily’s age.

I was a teenage mum so obviously not a lot of teenage mums when I was younger and especially in Germany. So, it was quite hard. I still had quite a few friends I went out with and Josh was never left out though.

Now is the only time I am actually feeling like my ‘mum’ friend network is growing. I don’t know if it is because I have more time now speaking to mums at the school, more birthday party’s. I don’t know what it is but I kinda like it. I like it more so for Lily  though aswell so she has someone her age to play with.

Today one of my ‘mum’ friends (who we went to the fair with) invited us to the park. The sun was shining and we had nothing else to do. It was actually really nice. We were there and a few other mums as well. Lily played with the other children, we packed a picnic and I had a good chat with adults. Adult conversation is pretty good at times. Especially when you don’t get a lot of it.

We were their for about 3 hours. Now if you know our park you will probably think ‘how the hell did they manage that’ but we did and it was lovely all around. I am definitely going to plan more days like that. Especially in the summer. It makes both me and Lily feel so much better and happier in ourselves.

I haven’t forgotten about Josh by the way but he is 15 now so it’s not the same. I get along with the rugby parents and chat with them when there is a match on but it’s a completely different chat and Josh has such a large network of friends it’s hard to know them all. However, it would be nice to have a close couple just so I can talk about teenage boy things as it is all new to me.

Riding her scooter to the park.

April 8th ’18- Rogue Theatre

If you go down in the woods to-day your sure of a big surprise….. Well we definitely were.

We went to the North cliffs of Tehidy woods today. It’s a great part of the wood for dog walking, climbing trees etc. What we didn’t realise was that Rogue Theatre were there. They put on amazing shows at different times of the years. We went at Halloween and all through the woods they had different things set up that children can look at and play with. It was amazing.

We went today and they had little things set up so we had a good look. We came across a witches home and lily tried the brooms and made me some witches brew. Lovely. What we didn’t know was that was where they told their stories.

Lily cam across a swing which she love. Rope swings are always fun right? Then we heard some. music so we started to walk through the woods a bit more. We then came to the end of the show. IT looked amazing. I really wish we actually got tickets to see it all. However, the woods is open to everyone so not sure how it works.

Anyway we came to at the end but lily still got a chocolate egg from the Easter bunny and had her face painted. She then made a wand or something out of ribbon and leaves. She loved it. They are so nice and it is an amazing thing they do.

The kind Witch Painted her face.

As we were leaving I think they had their next group come in because the witches home where we were before had members of the public in and 3 witches telling a story. We went over to watch it and it was  brilliant. Lily didn’t want to watch the others but loved the witches and their story. I highly recommend it to anyone with or without children. We will definitely be getting tickets next time to see the whole show. We both had a fab time

I met a lion in the woods…. not scary at all!!

April 7th ’18- It’s the little things that count.

The weekend has landed and so on. Can’t remember the rest but used to love that film when I was younger do you remember it? Human Traffic with a young Danny Dyer. Still love that man.

Anyway, the sun was shining again today, we have been so lucky with the weather. Could this be the beginning of spring finally. Although the weather was lovely we didn’t have anything planned other than clean the house. It was a mess, I mean I’m not the tidiest of people, by far. I hate it. But it had been neglected after this week. I don’t understand how as we were hardly there but it was.

This is one part of parenting I hate. I feel guilty for leaving my daughter to do her own thing while I was cleaning especially when the weather is so nice outside. I know it’s part of being a mum and we all have to do it but I can’t help feeling guilty. I did manage to turn it into a game in the end and Lily was Cinderella.

My friend messaged me (whose daughter is in Lily’s class) at 1230pm, asking if we wanted to go to the fair. I wasn’t sure at first. I had no money, wasn’t even dressed and I hate the fair normally. I find them a bit Cheap and tacky at times.

But, I made the effort and I am so glad I did. It wasn’t overly big or busy. The sun was shining and Lily was really enjoying herself. It was actually nice to have an adult conversation and spend time with other mum’s as I don’t normally. Being a single parent can feel quite isolated at times. We haven’t been friends that long but we get a long so well and the kids can play. Which is a bonus for Lily so she has someone her age and not just me all the time.

She went Flying

I felt really good when I got home, we spent a good 2 hrs there, didn’t spend too much (thankfully) and Lily was happy. It’s the little things that can make a difference to the way you feel.