April 23-29th ’18- Baking and Squishies

Lily did some amazing baking again this week. This time it was some delicious ‘ Magic Wishing wand’ or cake pops as they are normally called. She wanted to do this for her YouTube channel. They actually tasted really nice and they were so simple to make. I love baking and I am so glad that she is into it as well.

Magic Wishing Wands

We also had our annual fair in our town celebrating Richards Trevithick. Now I am not a great lover of these things mainly because they are so expensive, over crowded and it’s the same thing every year. I know I sound really boring and should be excited and join in the festivities but no I don’t like it. But, being a single mum I had to do the mum duty and take Lily down to it. Josh went with his mates so that wasn’t a problem, I gave him some money to spend as well.

We wasn’t there that long, luckily for me. We went to the fair which was ridiculously priced. Me and lily went on 1 ride together and it was £5. She didn’t go on a lot after that but she was happy. I think she is t that age now where she is too big for some of the small rides but too small for the bigger ones. So it is hard. Time she played ‘hook a duck’ went into the fun house and bought a slush which was £6 by the way we had next to no money left. She won 2 Squishies and brought 2 more. Now I know squishies are the in thing with kids at the moment but I don’t; again moaning about money why they are so expensive. Lily brought 2 for £5 which isn’t that bad but they are cheaper on amazon and they break so quickly and get so dirty because they squeeze them so much. I have to say they are really relaxing and I don’t mind them really it’s just the price. But lily was happy and wasn’t interested in seeing anything else so we went home and had fun in the garden.

Squishies everywhere


We were actually really lucky that it was a beautiful sunny day else we would have stayed home!!

April 21st & 22nd ’18-Porthleven Food Festival

Weather was gorgeous on Saturday. We had rugby in the morning at 9. I say we Joshua but obviously me and Lily took him and showed our support just like we always do when he has a match. Although it was early and on a Saturday, it wasn’t too bad. It was the last match of the season and they Won! WooHoo. Normally it’s freezing cold and wet. Not impressed but I always go. Today was lovely though sun shining, although breezy and it was a good match. Very intense.

Rugby Life

We got home about Lunch time and although he weather was lovely I had planned to go to the skip (exciting I know) but my garden needed it. Lily didn’t mind and Josh went out. I can’t wait to sort the garden out properly. I want to try to make Poppy (the rabbit) a big run that can stay in one place. I’m not sure how yet though! Also I need to find a place for Lily’s Gymnastics bar. I have no idea how as my garden isn’t that big and it has a massive trampoline in it as well. You see I don’t think about these things when I buy all the stuff for it.


On Sunday it was a little cloudier but nothing was going to stop us from going to the Porthleven Food festival. Me and Lily went with my mum. We normally go to the Big Feastival in the Cotswold but couldn’t afford it last year and we like a food festival. Well we never knew it was that big, I mean people camp out, loads of food stalls obviously and plenty for the children to do. I mean it’s not over big and I thought they would have a bit more, especially down towards the beach but it was enough. I had a lovely chicken wrap, sounds boring but tasted delicious. My mum had some ribs, chips and coleslaw which again tasted amazing. Things just cost quite a bit don’t they at these festivals? Although my mum had loads for what she paid.

We managed to look around the tents and taste a some free food. Couldn’t try any alcohol as I was driving. Lots of little entertainment around which was nice and they had some little things for the kids to do. Lily had a go with a hula hoop, bouncy castle and some swing thing. They also did some crafts which Lily loved. She painted a Mermaid.

We finished off by Lily having a unicorn painted on her face. She was delighted. She didn’t want to go in the morning as she was feeling tired but she loved it and glad she went. It was such a lovely atmosphere and the weather held out as well.

April 18th ’18- Glittery Crunch Cake

Child free day today. You know when you have so many things planned but it never happens. Yep that was me. I spent half the morning trying to figure out software for editing videos/movies. All because my daughter loves YouTube and we do stupid challenges for fun. Crazy I know. But anyway downloaded one on my computer only to be told I can’t use it as I have no memory. So I removed, Saved things elsewhere still wouldn’t work. I gave up after an hour then used Josh’s. His is slightly older now and a bit slow. But found Movie maker and it was amazing and so quick. I was delighted. All that time I wasted and I could have used that straight way.

Anyway sorted that, popped into town to pick up some bit. Picked up so much nice stuff from The works. I posted a picture on my Instagram. I could have spent so much more but I didn’t at that time.

Before I knew it, it was time to get Lily. The weather was so nice out, rather windy but still warm. We played outside on the trampoline for a bit (I was a ballet teacher) and poppy had a good run in the garden. We then made a glittery crunch cake.

We made it for YouTube because Lily loves helping me when baking and she wanted to do something herself. Kids in the kitchen is great and so much fun for them. She started off with a really simple recipe and did it all herself. She was so proud of herself when it was done. The video actually looks really good. You should check it out. It is such and easy and tasty recipe. You don’t have to use pink sprinkles you can use anything but Lily did a princess theme so it worked well for her. Can’t wait to try new recipes every week.

Glittery Crunch Cake

April 17th ’18- Superhero Day

Second day back, can’t be any worse than the day before. Lily had Superhero day at school today, she was delighted. She choose to be Wonder Woman like because there is no better Woman superhero than her right? I used to watch her all the time when I was younger and act it out. We did a little flashback and looked it up on YouTube. Brought back so many memories.

Wonder Woman to the rescue

I always find superhero’s are directed and boys though. I mean there is now more and more girls Superhero girls with the actual DC superhero girls. Lily loves watching it on the dvd she has but I don’t see it being promoted as much as boy superhero’s, which you would think with the world we live in today we would. They had a ‘special guest’  coming in a Lily actually said to me ‘I bet it’s Spider-Man, it’s always a boy one’ She was right, it was could they not get Super-girl in? I mean wherever you go it’s Spider-Man mostly. I kept telling Lily ‘but just remember Wonder woman is just as strong and as fast as Spider-Man’ She had seen her on YouTube and completely agreed.

She had a great day anyway which was the main thing. They were supposed to do a superhero assault course but unfortunately it was raining so they had to wait. Now they have ‘Dazzle homework’ all on superhero’s but not just cartoon ones but actually real superhero’s. One of her friends is cutting her hair (she has very long hair) and donating it and raising money for it Lily said ‘She is a real superhero’ So I’m glad she knows the importance of a real superhero.

Josh was never really into superhero’s he was a WWE fan. Still watches wrestlemania every year. Josh has actually been in all week so far I can’t believe it. Me and Lily are used to him not being here so it is really nice to sit down and have tea altogether and talk about our day. I love it. No phones, No TV just us talking best part of the day for me.

April 16th ’18- Why am I even Studying?

First day back today. I am dreading it. I have had about 5 weeks off from Uni. Not by my choice but because we have had no lessons. I have still been teaching but I enjoy that. The lesson I really do not enjoy.

I started my PGCE in September with all positivity to think that it will be a year out of my life that I can concentrate on becoming a teacher and specialise in Childcare and Education.  It was a big decision for me to give up my job, especially as I am a single parent with 2 children. I had quite a good job, worked  30 hrs a week and ran the baby room within a nursery. Had over 40 babies on role and 7 members of staff in which 1 was a student. I loved working with them and cuddling a baby but some of the hours were so long. I would work 9-6 2 days a week and (as well as different hours on other days) I was knackered. My mum had to pick up Lily for me and I wasn’t really spending quality time with her or Josh.  I had to go in some evenings for meetings and training and the work load was ridiculous. The next step for me was to become a manager of a nursery and I didn’t want that. I would have loved to have gone into Primary Teaching but I don’t have my Science.

So I choose Further Education. Post 16. I had students in the setting before and enjoyed teaching them new things. However the actually PGCE it’s self is not a great course. They don’t teach you how to plan a lesson, or write a scheme of work. They don’t teach you how to handle behaviour when  it comes to the classroom with older students. It is about things that don’t seem relevant to what I want to teach.

I enjoy the teaching side of it. I teach 16-19 yr. olds. Yes they can be hard work at times but normally i’s ok. I learn so much more from my mentor than I do in my lessons. I have completed 3 assignments now and feel like what has been the point in them? I spent £7500 on this course for what? So I can have the title of PGCE which allows me to teach Childcare.  We had 2 tutors to start off with who would both give us different information in relation to our assignments and had no idea what was going on. I have to say I am not the only one who feels this nearly everyone on my course does not enjoy it. There is a lot that don’t even want to go into teaching anymore. Surely a course shouldn’t be like that? It needs to be engaging to students and to teach them things that they will be using in a lesson like planning and marking work not about bloody neo-liberalism. That is not going to help me or my students.

To top it off both of out tutors have left, just like that without any notice and now we  have another teacher on one day who is so boring (half the class left at lunch on Monday it was that bad) I’m sure he just read off a Powerpoint that he had no idea what was on it. To support him there was also some lady who was helping. Like seriously we are adults 2 of you? On Friday we have someone else again. It’s ridiculous. None of us know who to contact, especially for observations and then get some random person. Great.

I cannot wait for this year to be over. I have loved the teaching and I have loved having more time with the kids and not being so stressed all the time. That has been the best thing ever but seriously where is my money going?


April 14th and 15th ’18- Portreath beach.

Can’t believe its the last weekend of the Easter holidays. I think I have got used to not having to work and enjoying the days out with Lily. We have been quite lucky with the weather actually and we have been fairly busy for us, it has been great and so much fun.

The sun was glorious on Saturday so me and Lily thought we would head to our local beach. Lily got all dresses up in her summer clothes; looking rather grown up I must say and we headed off.

Well, we was not prepared at all as it was freezing at the beach. Luckily I had a cardigan in the car for Lily. I kept saying to her it’s ok it will be warmer at the beach and you can run around.it wasn’t it was just as cold. I mean it wasn’t unbearable, it was just so windy. I couldn’t believe it. Anyway Lily was happy to play a little hiding the rock game and then paddling in the sea.  I didn’t I’m not as brave as she was. The waves were amazing, there is just something so satisfying about watching waves.

It was very busy, I think everyone else thought it was just as warm like us.

Wave watching

Finished our day off as you do at the beach with a standard Cornish Ice-cream. Although it was cold it turned out a lovely afternoon there.

Bit windy

On the Sunday it was little bit wet, so we stayed home. However when we stay home we are not like many families I’m sure of that, please tell me if I’m wrong.  But, we made an edible slime  video for YouTube. Well, I say we, Lily mainly but I helped, lets just say it wasn’t as easy as it is made out to be. It was great fun, very messy and kept her busy anyway. Go check it out it’s quite funny. (link in Bio).

Also does anyone else’s rabbit just enjoy sitting out in the rain all the time?

What rain?



April 12th, 13th ’18- Lazy days

Thursday and Friday together as we have ha quite a lazy 2 days. I don’t mind too much as we have had a busy Easter holiday really. However, the weather was quite nice so I do feel like I can’t stay in all day. Does anyone else feel like this when the weather is nice?

We decided to do some more baking as we have so much chocolate to use up. So me and lily made double chocolate brownies. They were delicious and so simple to make.

Double Chocolate Brownie

So, we also did the boring shop as I had no food in my house. (well I did but according to the kids I didn’t) I went to my fav shop which is.. yep you guessed it Lidl and to top it off they had all the German food in. I was delighted as it reminds me of Germany. I was quite good though didn’t go over board but did pick up a few yummy things such as Currywurst (german sausage and currysauce) and Rosti. Can’t wait to have them this week. Sad how excited I get over food.

We then went home in the garden and let Poppy out to have a run. She loves it in the garden, she has her run which she is out in all day (weather permitting) but when we are outside and can keep an eye on her we let her run around the garden. She is so funny, she is like a cat at time playing with the washing hanging down. I am trying so make a bigger run for her but the weather hasn’t been great to do it yet. Hopefully soon so she has more space to run around in. I can’t leave her in the garden as the cats will chase her or she will jump up onto the wall (which is really high by the way) but she is a monkey at times. It’s funny How you worry about your pets just as much as your kids sometimes isn’t it.